Red Oak Vs White Oak Flooring – All Key Differences

red oak vs white oak flooring

red oak vs white oak flooring

  Oak flooring is one of the most popular varieties of hardwood flooring. An adaptable and pragmatic choice for mortgage holders, oak flooring is both generally reasonable and accessible in an assortment of stain wraps up. 

However, when it interferes with red oak vs white oak flooring, how can one pick? Here, we plunge into their primary distinctions so you can settle on the ideal decision for your home or redesigning project.

Red Oak vs White Oak Flooring (2022 Updated)

Red Oak vs White Oak Flooring Explained

Oak is a bountiful hardwood species that develops all through America, which is one explanation for why it’s so reasonable. With a legitimate completion and expert establishment, it can keep going for a long time in your home. Filled in the U.S., it’s likewise thought to be harmless to the ecosystem, because of its liability to the sustainable forestry practices authorized by US forestry management.Red Oak vs White Oak Flooring - YouTube

What is the difference between red oak and white oak flooring?

Here are all the major differences illustrated below.


Red oak has a somewhat pinkish shade that is a little lighter than white oak. White oak is in general a little browner, more obscure, and more yellow. As they begin with various tones and have various densities, red oak and white oak retain stains in an unexpected way. At the point when you stain them, the distinction between red oak vs white oak flooring lessens, particularly the more obscure you go. This makes it harder if you want to know how to tell the difference between red and white oak. With light-toned blotches, the red oak will in general have a touch of red undercurrent when shaded.

Red oak vs. White Oak hardwood flooring - what's the difference? | White oak hardwood floors, Oak hardwood flooring, Red oak


Red oak vs white oak grain will in general have more grounded graining than white oak hardwood. The white oak grain pattern has somewhat of a smoother look. Certain individuals favor the solid graining of red oak – both in light of the fact that they like the look and also because the solid graining helps conceal the scratches and marks; others incline toward the somewhat smoother grain of white oak and express that it’s a less bustling look.

Wood Varieties - Ultimate Guide to Hardwood Flooring | HowStuffWorks

White oak vs natural oak has more homogenous lines (and this gives it a smidgen, even more, an extant look). Likewise, the beams are a little elongated on white oak vs red oak.


Red oak vs white oak hardwood flooring is somewhat tougher than red oak. On the Janka hardness scale, White oak weighs 1360 and red oak measures around 1290. Yet, as I referenced above, despite the fact that red oak is less hard, it will in general show the imprints a little less.

Similarity with step tracks and extras

Red oak is more normal in step tracks, seats, handrails, and various alterations. Assuming you have oak step treads currently in your home, the probability is, that they are red oak, so you might be satisfied with keeping them. Assuming that you really want to get new step tracks or some different transformations then they are normally more promptly accessible and also less expensive in red oak.

Another major difference between red oak Vs white oak flooring is that White oak is more impervious to water than red oak. Since white oak is a latched grain wood, it is more impenetrable to water. Large numbers of pores are stopped with tyloses making it more impervious to rot and spoil. To this end, it’s pre-owned all the more regularly in boat building. What’s more, it’s additionally why it’s smarter to involve red oak versus white oak on front door frames as well as different regions that might be more presented to water and nature’s components.

You can see an extraordinary exhibition on the porosity of oak vs red oak and white in this boat-building video. It’s astounding to perceive how much quicker the red oak assimilates the water. It’s very astonishing indeed.


Every now and then you might think, is red oak expensive or is white oak expensive? By and large, there is definitely not a significant cost contrast between red oak vs white oak flooring. Since incomplete hardwood is an artifact, the value will in general vary week by week. Now and again, red oak is expensive; at different times, white oak charges me higher. The cost will regularly change in view of width and grade. Many times I have the red oak in a single size as more costly while at other times the white oak costs me more. It changes constantly.

That being said, while taking a gander at more extensive boards, particularly 5″ and more extensive, oak vs white oak will in general be a touch more costly. That is generally similar because most red oak trees become taller and have a more extensive width, as well as way that red oak is more plentiful when it comes to red oak vs white oak flooring.

Kindly note that matching hardwood is somewhat more intricate than basically matching red oak versus white oak flooring. Additionally, there are contrasts in grades of red oak vs white oak furniture (for example select grade versus No 1 versus No 2 versus quarter-sawn). Assuming you are uncertain about the kind of deck you have, it’s ideal to bring in a hardwood flooring master.

Likewise, remember that you can stain both red oak and white oak ground surface to be more obscure. The two of them acknowledge the stain colors in a unique way, so red oak vs white oak staining your floors is significant. White oak will, in general, come out hazier and browner while the red oak wood color will in general come out a little lighter and has a touch of red connotations. You will generally see the red undercurrents more in red oak hardness with lighter stains; the more obscure you go, the more it muffles the pink and red. The following are generally instances of red oak vs white oak staining.

For those hoping to go dim, white oak works much better. The shading and the graining simply work better with this cool tone. Furthermore, with red oak, there is a basic pinkish color, so you want to go more obscure with the dark to muffle it.

Here is an illustration of where a project worker bungled red oak vs white oak flooring in their maintenance. This was most likely an augmentation and the white oak is more spread on the base whereas red has taken over the top part. The bungle is self-evident; the fixing work is quite messy. Wherever you go more obscure in shading, it disguises a little, however, it actually shows even with a dim pecan or dark. (For this client, we stained the floors with genuine dark) which is hazy and concealed the worker for hire’s slip-up.


Both red oak versus white oak is incredible choices. In the battle of red oak vs white oak flooring, Certain individuals lean toward the vibe of red oak while others favor white oak. Assuming you are beginning without any preparation, pick your preferred one. Assuming you are adding to existing hardwood, it’s by and large best to coordinate.

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