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350+ Woodworking Business Names 2021 【Funny & Cool】

woodworking business-names

 In the competitive world of professional woodworking, presentation matters. 

And your name delivers the first impression, so chose wisely. Undoubtedly, starting a woodworking business can be a challenge for you. You have to take account of various things and factors that can be detrimental for new business. It would be best if you cracked the expectations of your woodworking business, your willingness and limit to invest, your sources of investment, your strategy of advertisement, and various other essential things.

 And Guess What? 

One of the hurdles you face when launching a new business is the proper and appropriate name for your brand. It is very significant to find a suitable, marketable, and unique title for your new business. A title has the ability to grow your business or fail your business. We have developed a guide to choose the appropriate name for your newly established business. It is suggested to go through our woodworking business names list before finalizing the title for your company. Moreover, there are hundreds and thousands of wooden company names available on the internet.

 Now Let’s Dive In! 

Woodworking Business Names 2021:

Choosing the right woodworking business name is as important as a woodworker’s skill set. It will set you off to a great start. And all businesses that start well, end up being awesome!

You can find a lot of ideas for naming a woodworking business. We recommend you title your business according to your area of expertise. Try to mention your services and products in the name of your timer business. If you are dealing with crafting, then try to include words like crafts, crafting, woodcutting, etc. In comparison to this, if you are offering woods of different kinds, then words like sandal, dry wood, trees, etc., should be reflected in the title of your company.

How to choose a Name for a Woodworking Business?

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There are few things that should be considered when you are choosing the name for your business. You should consider the nature of your woodworking business ether you are offering professional services or beginners services. There should be an indication regarding your services in the title. There are lots of services in the woodworking business, try to mention your best product or services in your woodwork name. The title of your company should clearly indicate the level of your expertise in the market. Try to go for the keyword that best describes your expertise.

There is a long list of woodcraft business names to choose from, but creating a new and unique name can be more fruitful for your business. There are various types of woodworking businesses. Always try to specify the type you are offering or your company is good at. Your woodwork shop title should be unique and suitable regarding your products and services. A business name can be emotional, playing with people`s emotions can be tricky. Emotional names can either attract or offend your customers. Following are the few characteristics that a good woodwork shop names have:

  • Short, sweet, and simple.
  • Legally available.
  • Clever and creative.
  • Tells a story.

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Woodworking Name Ideas

woodworking business name generator

While naming the woodworking company, you can add the name of your locality or area in the title. In this way, people of your community can resonate with the title. You can also play with words to make the name of your company exciting and funny. Puns and alliterations can help you in this regard. You can observe that many woodworking business titles are composed of a single word. It is recommended to add a solid and powerful tagline with the name of your company. Here are some unique ones to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Custom Architectural
  • Diversified Enterprises
  • Eagle Industries
  • Elite Carpentry
  • Accent Cabinets
  • Accent Woodworks
  • After Image Products
  • Grantham Woodworking
  • Greenport Designs
  • Hamilton Custom
  • Spectrum Fine Woodworking
  • The Woodshaper Shop
  • Threefold
  • Unique Woodworking
  • Custom Design Cabinets
  • Derbyshire Woodworks
  • Dynamic Shapes
  • CrystalWood
  • Newon Craft
  • ElseWex
  • Maxim Wood
  • TopCrown
  • CraftMind
  • Fine Art Wood
  • Plywoof
  • Oak Brothers
  • Pro Woodworking
  • Ballard Woodworks
  • BBQ Wood
  • BC Woodworks
  • Arizona Custom Furniture
  • Artisan Woodcrafters
  • Baker Furniture
  • Carson’s Inc. Archdale, NC
  • Century Furniture Industries
  • EMI Industries Tampa, FL
  • Abellex Wood
  • Maple Oak
  • BrownBelle
  • BrownSide
  • Imperix Wood
  • The Old Carpenter
  • Amazing Boy
  • The Style Maker
  • Social Carpenter
  • Woody
  • Wood Doctor
  • The Master of Wood
  • Floki; The Boat Builder
  • The Wood Expert
  • Amazing Tools
  • Wood Designer
  • Forest
  • I Can Smell Trees.
  • Canadel Furniture Inc.
  • Loewen
  • Elran Furniture Ltd
  • Expertly Dunn
  • CB Carpentry And Maintenance
  • Petes Maintenance Crew
  • Barnet Building Co. Pty Ltd
  • Marson Carpentry Pty Ltd
  • ao carpentry snd construction
  • Zac Hancock Carpentry
  • ADK Creative Builds
  • Haberfield Holdings
  • Maluva Joinery
  • Cooleys Cabinets
  • DJP Projects
  • Dream Robes
  • Kustom carpentry Perth
  • Trent Morrison Carpentry
  • Get Decked Out
  • Hargreaves Carpentry & Joinery
  • Mellross Homes
  • AS-NU Group of Trades
  • One Cut Carpentry & Joinery
  • Labois
  • Miles of Wood
  • Plywoof
  • Oak Brothers
  • Backwoods Designs
  • Ballard Woodworks
  • BBQ Wood
  • Magic Touch Interior
  • Metro Hardwoods
  • Muleland
  • The Woodshaper Shop
  • Threefold
  • A Ward Design
  • Affinity Tool Works
  • Carver’s Den
  • Driftwood

These titles are easy to remember and recall. You can name your business on the title of your loved ones or the name of any famous personality. Catchy woodworking business names can be helpful for the growth of your timber company.

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Why a good business name is important?

woodworking company names

Your woodworking business name is your first impression on customers and the market. Although, some businessmen think likewise. For them, the title is just a word that people usually do not remember, so they invest in other strategies to boost their company.

Although, a business name can make you stand out among your competitors. Hence, it is crucial to have a distinctive, precise, authentic, remarkable, and enduring to efficiently relate with your targeted audience. With the help of your woodworking business name, you can efficiently and effectively communicate working and business strategies.

An excellent and distinctive business title can also assist your customers in reaching you when they are searching for services related to your company. If people are looking for woodwork companies, then there are fair chances that they find your woodwork company if you have a catchy and attractive brand title.

If you want your woodworking shop to remain crowded with customers, then a noteworthy name is the key to your success. In this modern time, you can take help from a woodworking business name generator to generate a suitable title for your business.

Choosing the right name

woodwork shop names

A good name will certainly grasp the interest of potential customers. The right name will help to take your new business off the ground by providing a competitive edge. There are the following steps involved in choosing a creative wood shop name that really leaves an impact.

Conceptualize ideas

Prior to choosing a title for your woodworking business, conceptualize your ideas regarding your services and products. If your company is offering woodworking services, then you should adopt a practical name, but if you are dealing in woodworking machines and tools, then you will need a different kind of name to attract your customers.

In this regard, you can take help from top-rated woodworking company names. You can also consult the internet for this task. If you are clear about the ideas and notions of your business, then opting for a suitable and marketable title is not a big task for you.

Before launching your business, you have some ideas and thoughts about the working of your business. Try to compile and conceptualize these ideas. You can incorporate the working strategy of your woodworking shop through the name and title of the company. At the naming stage, every owner thinks about how he wants to be perceived and recognized by his customers.

In the woodworking market, there are various factors that lead to recognition of the carpenter or his company. Some woodworkers are famous for their justifiable and supportable prices, so they want recognition on this basis. While others are proud of their high-quality crafting or finish, and this will become their symbol. That`s why woodworking company titles should have a reflection of anticipation of their customer to feel when they contemplate about your woodworking shop.

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Finalize the best one

wood shop names

Before finalizing your company name, always take your time brainstorming suitable and appropriate titles for your business. In this step, you are free to use your creativity. A woodworker can brainstorm thousands of names of his woodworking shop based on expertise or services. Few effective techniques are mentioned below to select a creative and inspiring title for your woodworking business.

Make a list of keywords for your woodworking business name

In the next step, you can have a visualization of what kind of your business is. Then, come up with words and phrases that can match with visuals of your business or represent your woodworking company. Then you can make a list of adjectives that describe and elaborate your services and products.

In the final step, filter the wood sign business names from your list of names and adjectives. Choose the most relevant title along with an adjective as your woodshop name. Nowadays, an online woodworking business generator can help you in naming your business. Type your filtered characters and adjectives one by one in the generator and choose the best one. In this way, you can have a creative name for the woodworking business.

 Analyze if it’s marketable

catchy woodworking business names

After selecting the best title from your list, analyze to find out the name you choose is either marketable or not. For this test, make a list of top companies with similar titles and services. Investigate their rating in the market. Have a critical look at the results of your analysis.

Observe their naming technique and note their keywords, then establish a relation between their keyword and ranking. Try to adopt the naming strategy or design of the company that is top-ranked in woodworking companies.

If your shortlisted names are merchantable, then go for it. Try to keep your woodshop title short and relevant. For this purpose, you can go through timber company name ideas that are readily available on the internet so you can have a clearer idea about the name of your woodworking business.

Your woodworking business name will become part of your personality and impression among your competitors in the wood market, so always take the naming process of your business seriously. Always remember the more marketable title for your wood business will result in more customers.

Check if it’s available

After going through all the necessary steps involved in the naming procedure of your timber working business, check the title you have selected for your timber business is either available or not. There are various domains that help in checking the availability of the name of your business. It is advisable to choose the three most relevant titles on the list for your woodshop to avoid any inconvenience.

Check the availability of selected titles on the internet by searching Business Name Research. If the first name is not available in your region, then there is no need to worry. Perform the availability test on the second and third titles. Always select the name that is available in your locality and your state.

Only availability is not enough for finalizing a title, availability of trademark is crucial in this regard. Sometimes, the title is available for the region, but it is not suitable for trademark. It is useless to have a title without a trademark. When you are done with availability and trademark registration, then also search for your domain. Find a relevant domain, and you are good to go.

See if it’s in sync with your identity

wood craft business names

After checking the availability of your woodworking business name, it is essential to see the compatibility of the title with the products or services. If your timber company deals with cutting and crafting the wood, then the title should be relevant to this service.

If you are trading in tools and machines related to woodcutting, then you will have an identity of tool sealer. So the business names for wood crafts are different from the business titles for selling tools and machines.

The relationship between business title and nature is very significant. Before naming your business, check whether your company’s name is compatible with your timber business or not.

If someone does not know your services, then after reading the title of your business, he should get a clear idea about the nature of your services and product, that`s compatibility. If, after reading the title of woodworking Company, a person inquires you about the nature of your work, then it is a sign that you have inappropriately named your business, and you still need to know wood business name ideas.

Choose a tagline

The tagline for a business is as important as the name of the company. Your woodworking business title is your first impression, while the tagline is the core of your business strategy.

In the woodworking market, you can add a slogan that defines your work and expertise. The slogan is not necessary with a name, but if you add a robust one, then this will give a sudden boost to your business.

Adding a tagline can be problematic for you, so always choose with care. A slogan should be brief and precise. Sometimes, it can mislead your customers by confusing them. To ensure the clarity of your business through the tagline with the name of your timber business.

It can be observed that woodwork names and slogans have better ratings and performance than the companies without them. Like the title, a tagline has the power to promote your business or decline the existing one.


business names for wood crafts

We have developed this guide of woodworking business name ideas to help you in naming your newly launched woodworking companies. If you are planning to start a new business related to wood, then go through this article. Naming your company is very significant. A good and unique name will attract customers to your business. A title should be relevant to your working technique and strategy. The name of your company should be unique, distinctive, authentic, and enduring.

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