Can you Burn Wood in a Gas Fireplace? Dos & Don’ts

can you burn wood in a gas fireplace

can you burn wood in a gas fireplace

 Suppose you got a new fireplace in your house, which not only adds to the beauty and grace of your house but will also give you warmth in chilly weather.   The gas fireplace has less heat and flames than the wood fireplace. So if you want to have more warmth, more heat, more flames and you should go for wood burning fireplace.

Thus, you start searching about can you burn wood in a gas fireplace, then you come across many answers according to different situations and circumstances. I will try my best to give you the most satisfactory answer to this question in this article.

What Type of Gas Fireplace Do You Have?

can a gas fireplace burn wood

When an individual is wondering if can I burn wood in a gas fireplace, then it is wise to know the type of gas fireplace you have at your house. It is one of the safest ways to find the answer. If you the type of your gas fireplace and the gas fireplace that can burn wood, then deciding either to put wood in the fireplace or not is a bit easy for you. As there are different types of gas fireplaces are out there in the market, some are designed to burn the wood along the gas while some are specifically designed to work only on gas.

Built-in gas-only fireplace

This is the most basic type of fireplace installed during the construction or the renovation of the house. This gas fireplace can burn natural gas or propane inside it. You can provide gas with a pipe and lit it with an electric spark. When discussing can, you burn wood in a gas fireplace, then this type is very significant so that you can have a clear idea from its name that it is not capable of burning anything except gas. So, its internal parts and the venting system are not built to handle the heat or smoke produced by the burning of the wood.

Gas fireplace insert

Insert is used to transform the existing wood fireplace into a gas fireplace; it is a type of metal housing that has a burner and logset. In this type of fireplace, ventilation occurs through the outside chimney. However, there are several factors that determine whether you can convert your wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace or not, such as cleanliness and energy efficiency.

So in the debate of can a gas fireplace burn wood, this fireplace will help you. The answer is maybe, the burning of wood in this type of fireplace depends on different things. If you can manage these, you can definitely burn wood in the fireplace, but if handling all these factors becomes difficult, then it is advised not to take the risk.


Log set

You can install a log set in your already existing wood fireplace. Logset is heat resistant and made up of cement, and installed inside the fireplace. It is important to note that the heat and smoke produced by the log are best for aesthetics, not for warmth. The ventilation system of this fireplace is similar to the gas fireplace insert as it also vents through the existing chimney.

If you are looking for the answer to the question can burn wood in a gas fireplace then this type is for you. But it would help if you made some changes to your fireplace in order to burn wood in it. Just remove the log set from it, and you are ready to burn wood in your gas fireplace.

Can you burn wood in a gas log fireplace?

can i burn wood in a gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces work when they are provided with a gas supply. An adequate gas supply is necessary to light the gas fireplace. Primarily, gas fireplaces are not designed to work efficiently on any material except natural gas. You cannot burn either wood along with the gas or wood alone in a gas fireplace because it will damage your fireplace as it lacks in burning wood effectively and efficiently. We can see the wood log inside the fireplace in the modern gas fireplaces, but they are not real.

They are just added to give the effect of real fire inside the fireplace. So, if you want to burn wood in your gas fireplace, then you should convert it into a wood-burning fireplace.


Is it safe to burn wood in a gas fireplace?

There are some gas fireplaces that are capable of converting into wood-burning fireplaces. You can install a log set inside the gas fireplace, and it is converted into a wood fireplace. However, there are some fireplaces that cannot be transformed into wood fireplaces. Transformation is totally safe on modern gas fireplaces, but it is suggested that do not try to force the conversion. Otherwise, it will not only damage your gas fireplace but your house also.

What do you burn in a gas fireplace?

burning wood in gas fireplace

Gas fireplaces are designed in a way to works effectively on natural gas or propane. Burning wood in a gas fireplace can be dangerous for you. There are many forms of wood, but any form of wood is not for putting in the gas fireplace. You cannot burn wood logs or wooden pallets in the gas fireplace. To burn any form of wood, you either need to convert the gas fireplace to a wood-burning stove or install a new wood-burning fireplace. In this way, you can get maximum warmth and heat in the freezing weather.

Can you put real wood in a gas fireplace?

In this era of advancement, a modern gas fireplace can be seen with a wooden log inside. But the truth is that these logs are not wood, and there are made up of some material that is resistant to heat and smoke. These logs are added to satisfy your aesthetics or give you the feel of real fire inside your living room. But actually, these planks of wood are not burning in your gas fireplace, but the gas is the fuel.

Putting real wood in a gas fireplace is very risky because there are fair chances that you end up either destroying your gas fireplace or putting your whole house on fire. As wooden logs are not meant to burn in a gas fireplace. For this purpose, you can use multi-fuel stoves to burn wood, gas, or propane in them. Moreover, a gas supply is attached to the fireplace, so it is the only fuel source for the fireplace.

Reasons why wood cannot burn in a gas fireplace

can you put real wood in a gas fireplace

  • These fireplaces are not constructed to support the smoke and heat produced by the wood.
  • The orientation of the wooden planks can be a safety hurdle. If any piece of the log falls down, it will create destruction in your living room.
  • The construction of the fireplace is not suitable for ash produced by the burning of the wood.
  • It can prove fatal for smokers due to inappropriate ventilation systems.
  • The risks of fire hazards increased as the distance between the wooden logs was not equal.
  • Disadvantages of burning wood in the wrong gas fireplace
  • When you try to burn wood in your fireplace, and it stops burning the wood, the smoke starts to gather in your house. This smoke is a mixture of various dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide, which is colorless and odorless. Poisonous smoke will affect the air quality of your living room.
  • Burning wood in a gas fireplace leads to the destruction of the internal functionality of the place as wood produces more heat than gas. In addition to this, wood burning in the fireplace can set your whole house on fire by radiating with the surrounding walls.

Converting A Gas Fireplace To Burn Wood

When talking about that, can you burn wood in a gas fireplace then there is an option that enables you to burn wood in a gas fireplace that converts your gas fireplace into a wood-burning fireplace? If you have a built-in gas fireplace in your room, then transformation may be risky for you. Each type of fireplace has a different ventilating and burning system. If you are searching that can you burn wood in a gas fireplace, then you should have the basic knowledge of various types of fireplaces, how they work, how they ventilate, and many other basic functions to have a clear and well-researched answer?

The unique arrangement of ventilation system is required for burning different fuels in a fireplace. The conversion of one type into another is not an easy job because you need to modify the entire system according to your needs. You cannot burn any form or any type of wood in a built-in gas fireplace. So the answer to the question of can-burn wood in a gas fireplace is a big NO here. It is recommended to leave the gas fireplace as it is and go for a new wood-burning fireplace; it is safer and also keeps your living room warm and cozy in cold and freezing weather.


So the question was can you burn wood in a gas fireplace, we have seen different scenarios in order to get a satisfactory answer for the questions. There are a few situations in which you can burn wood logs in a gas fireplace, but in most situations burning wood is not recommended due to various safety and health reasons.

If you want to burn wood in your fireplace, then go for a wood-burning fireplace without making any changes to your gas fireplace. But the wood-burning will produce smoke and monoxide gas in your house, and it can affect your lungs. You might have a few respiratory problems by consuming low-quality and gaseous air. One answer to this question that can burn wood in a gas fireplace is the conversion of the gas fireplace into a wood-burning fireplace bur again; it is risky.

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