Best Wood Polishes for Spotless Floors

best wood polish for floors

best wood polish for floors

 Wooden floors are a bit tricky to manage as they get dim with time, and the surfaces become rough. 

That’s why wooden floor polishes are used to undo the damage & rejuvenate them. The trend of wooden art never gets old. People love to have wooden floors in residential and commercial areas because wood gives an enticing and classy look to the floor. In old times there were not many solutions to bring life back to wooden floors. But now, some manufacturers deliver the perfect wood polish for the floors. These polishes replenish the wooden floor and even make them more attractive. Your wooden floor bears a lot every day, the impression of the heel, heavyweight of furniture, the scratches, pits, and a lot more than develop with time. These marks are unattractive, and if not corrected they can destroy the beauty of the floor. These polishes are multipurpose. They give a new shine, blend the scratches pits very efficiently, and give the smoothness of the floor.

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Polish is one of the necessary things for the wooden floor. It is crucial to polish the wooden floor after 2-4 years. But there are a few points you should consider while purchasing the wooden polish.

Choose wisely between the wooden polish and wax. You need to consider the surface type of the wooden floor before purchasing. For instance, if you have a protective wooden floor, then wooden polish will work awesome for you, and for penetrating wooden floors, wooden wax works great, wax is thicker than the polish, but the purpose of both wooden polish and wax is almost identical.

Why you didn’t get the required result after the wooden floor polish? A few people complain that after the polish they didn’t get the mentioned result. It is because they don’t follow the instructions. First of all, they don’t follow the regular pattern while painting the wooden floor, which creates unattractive patches of polish.

Best wood polishes for floors 2023

Here are the top wood floor polishes available right now.

Wood Polishes for FloorsWoody Rating
1. Weiman Cleaner & Polish10/10
[Editor’s Choice]
2. Rejuvenate Click N Clean8.5/10
3. Bona Hardwood Floor Polish8/10
4. Quick Shine floor luster7/10
5. Howard FW00167.5/10
6. Howard RF60167/10
7. Pledge Polish & Cleaner7/10
8. Quick Shine Luxury polish6.5/10

1. Weiman Cleaner & Polish

[Editor’s Choice]

Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner and Polish - 128 Ounce Cleaner and 32 Ounce Polish - High-Traffic Hardwood Floor, Natural Shine, Removes Scratches, Leaves Protective Layer - Packaging May Vary

  • Creates a robust protective layer on the floor that stays for a longer duration.
  • Perfect for the people who want a natural shine on the floor, it doesn’t give a glossy look, instead, it maintains the natural look of the wood
  • The micro filling technology covers and fills the scratches and pits efficiently and gives a smooth finish.
  • Rejuvenate the floor and don’t make the floor sticky or patchy
  • This wood cleaner is versatile and is ideal for engineered hardwood.
  • It is one of the best wood floor polishes for those who don’t want the dramatic shine on the floor because it enhances the natural texture.
Ready to useNone
Removes grassy marks, dirt, and grime
Scratch resistance
Give spectacular look to the wooden floor
Rejuvenates the stunning natural shine
Make a protective coating on the floor
Compatible with a variety of floors
Great consistency

2. Rejuvenate Click N Clean

Rejuvenate Click N Clean Multi-Surface Spray Mop System Complete Bundle Includes Free Click-On Pro Grade Grout Brush 1 x 32oz No-Bucket Floor Cleaner (bundle with 3 reusable microfiber pads)

  • It dries completely within one hour.
  • The packaging includes a grout brush. Brushes and other accessories make the use super easy.
  • It comes with a directional mist nozzle that helps in the even distribution of polish. Application is super easy, and a single person can do this easily.
  • The polish has the shortest drying period. The polish dries completely in just one hour.
  • It covers the heavy traffic area of the floor efficiently and stays for years.
  • It is a multipurpose floor. It polishes the floor and makes the floor shiny, and protects the floor from wear and tear.
Rejuvenates the floor efficientlyPolish needs to be separately purchased with cleaner
Safe to use
Easy to apply and use
Excellent wooden floor polish
One application is enough
Protects the future scratches
Make a protective film on the wooden floor
Gives a glossy finish


3. Bona Hardwood Floor Polish

Bona Hardwood Floor Polish-High Gloss, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1), Clear

  • Expert formula and make the wooden floor even and give a smooth finish after one application.
  • It makes a robust sheet on the wooden floor and prevents future wear and tear
  • Give a long-lasting high gloss shine
  • The water-based polish of the Bona Hardwood has GREENGUARD certification, and it exits a lesser amount of VOC, so it is safe to use for your plants and pets.
  • It is the
  • No matter if your wooden floor is vintage or new, it is equally suitable for both. It protects the new floor from wear and tear and rejuvenate the damage of the vintage ones, and protects it from further damage
Safer to useA bit tricky to use
Give an even glossy finish to the floorThinner consistency of the polish
Ready to use
It makes the wooden floor more durable
No heavy scent
Remove all types of marks

4. Quick Shine floor luster

Quick Shine Cleaner, Restore, Protect, Refresh High Traffic Hardwood Floor Luster, 1, White Bottle with Brown Label, 64 Fl Oz

  • It restores the richness, smoothness, and evenness of the wooden floor.
  • The thicker formula of this wooden floor polish has micro-filling technology. It fills all kinds of micro and macro gaps and gives an even finish.
  • This wood floor luster, made from plant-based products. EPA has regraded this safe to use and free all the harmful chemicals
  • It rejuvenates, restores, and revitalizes the wooden floor, and it makes a protective and glossy covering on the floor.
  • It dries in just 30 minutes, and it is not sticky at all.
Has natural ingredients, safer to useBit expensive
Adds more strength to the wooden floorTricky to apply
Fills the micro pits
Short curing time
Has EPA certification
Excellent consistency

5. Howard FW0016

Howard Products FW0016 Wood Polish & Conditioner, 16 oz, Orange, 16 Fl Oz

  • Great wood floor polish for enhancing the natural beauty of the wooden floor
  • The product is safe for pets but keep the pets and toddlers away while applying the polish, to avoid licking.
  • It doesn’t make a thick film on the floor.
  • Best polish for engineered wood floors cleans and polishes the floor efficiently.
  • Absorb in the wood and provide moisture, so it doesn’t crack, and stay for longer
  • Removes all kinds of scratches and footprints
Best for engineered floorsTake longer for drying
Provide long-lasting shineA bit pricey
Provides excellent coverage
Compatible with a variety of wooden floors
Effectively removes unattractive marks

6. Howard RF6016

Howard Products RF6016 RF3016 Restor-A-Finish, 16 oz, Dark Walnut

  • A variety of colors are available, the old wooden floor looks dull, but you can add life and colors to your floor with this product.
  • The product blends out all the minor scratches and fills the pits.
  • Easy to clean and maintain, gives a smooth and high-end finish to floors
  • Help to cover the watermarks, sun effects, and smoke damage and make the wooden floor even
  • The product is the ideal choice for people who want to give a darker color to their floors. A wide variety of dark color options are available
Nine different colors are availableTake longer to dry
Long-lastingStrong smell
Exceptionally blend the uneven floor
Easy to manage and clean
Safe to use
Adds a protective shield to the floor

7. Pledge Polish & Cleaner

Pledge Wood Floor Cleaner Liquid, Shines Hardwood, Removes Dirt, Safe and Gentle, Lemon, 1 Gallon

  • Ready to use solution, no need to add any preservative and any other chemical
  • Rejuvenates the floor and give the floor a completely new look
  • It gave a natural shine to the floor and enhanced the natural color of the wooden floor
  • The product is safe to use, and it gives a very light lemon smell
  • Best budget wood floor gloss. it is one of the most economical polish for the wooden floor that delivers excellent quality
  • It also gives a protective covering to the floor
Pre-made solutionLeaves residue if not used properly
Economical solution for damaged wooden floors
Correct the damaged floor and prevents the future damage
Leave a good scent
Great for cleaning the wooden floor

8. Quick Shine Luxury polish

Quick Shine Luxury Vinyl Plank Cleaner Multi-Surface Floor Finish, 64 Ounce, White, 64 Fl Oz

  • It is made of the organic compound carnauba wax. It doesn’t have any chemical or harmful ingredients. The product has also got EPA certification
  • The powerful formula of this wooden polish dries quickly and adequately in just 30 minutes.
  • It provides excellent coverage, so you don’t need extra coats
  • This polish enhances the original wooden color. It only gives shine to it and adds a protective layer to it that locks the natural color.
  • It is overall a great wooden floor polish on our list
Safe to useAverage shine
Lesser application and curing time
Adds a protective layer to the floor
Give a natural glossy finish

How to buy the wood polish for the floor:

best wood polish for floor buying guide

Buying the polish for the wooden surface could be very challenging, especially for the naive person. A lot of products are available in the market, and all of them have enticing features. Keep a few things under consideration while purchasing the wooden polish for you.

Check for safety

Safety comes first, so check for the safety of the product while buying. There are a lot of floor polishes that have toxic ingredients, chemicals, and adhesive, a lot of products have polyurethane in them, and some even release VOC. So, it is crucial to choose a safe product. Try to choose a plant-based product. All the products on our list are safe to use and don’t have any side effects for humans, animals, and plants.


Every wooden polish has a versatile finish. Some give glossy while the others give matt finishes. So choose products wisely. If you want a natural look, then choose a matt finished product. But if you want the shiny floor, then go for the glossy product. The descriptions are written on the packaging, so read all the given information before buying.


All the polishes have versatile fragrances depending upon the composition, some have a lighter smell, and some have strong fragrances. These smells can be dangerous for pets and patients, so make sure to read about the fragrance, before buying

Curing time

All the polishes have different curing times. Some have a lesser drying time, while others take longer for drying. Wax-based polishes usually took longer for drying. It is crucial to give appropriate drying time to polish before doing a second coat. We recommend choosing a polish with a lesser drying time. However, if you have got an excellent quality polish with a longer curing time, then make sure to provide the appropriate drying time. Otherwise, there will be permanent footprints and impressions on the floor.

Ease to use

Always choose an easy-to-use product, there are a lot of products in the market that comes in raw packaging. You need to mix them for application. We recommend buying the pre-made products because they are easy to use. Some products need particular conditions for work, like proper cleaning, buffering of the floor. Filling all these criteria could be very hectic. So try to choose a product with minimum application requirements. To check the application requirements, you need to check the packaging. Some manufacturers add the application tools with the polishes. Tools make the application super easy so, try to choose a product that has application tools or buy it for smooth and easy application.


Some products leave applications after the application. Residues look very unattractive. So make sure to buy a product that doesn’t leave any residue.

Drying time is important to consider

Secondly, people don’t give appropriate drying time to the floor. It is crucial to give mentioned drying time to wooden polish. Otherwise, you will waste your energy and resources. Last, but not least is the maintenance. There is a misconception that after polish, the wooden polish doesn’t need maintenance, cleaning and maintenance of the polished floor are crucial if you want to maintain the shine of polish for a longer time.

But is wooden polish costly?

People think that wooden polishes are costly, so people don’t think about polishing their wooden floors. The concept is entirely wrong, there are a lot of economical and perfect hardwood floor cleaners and polish that provide a glossy finish without burning your bank. We have collected the list of the 8 wood polishes for you, these polishes are economical, and they are the favorite product of the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

top wood polish for floor buying guide

Here are some of the most important questions you might wanna read.

Q. What is the best thing to shine on the wooden floor?

With time the wooden floor loses its particular shine, but now you can get the glossiness of the wooden floor back with the help of the polishes. The wood polish for floors gives a glossy look to the floor and locks this shine for a longer period.

Q. What is the best product to shine on wood floors?

Different kinds of polishes are available in the market, and honestly, polishes are one of the best ways to clean hardwood floors. Traditional cleaners only clean the floor, whereas the polishes have lusters that add shine and smoothness to the floor.

Q. Can I use a pledge on my wood floors?

Yes! The pledge is one of the best choices for people who want to maintain the natural look of the wooden floor. Pledge doesn’t add the dramatic gloss to the floor, it only enhances the natural color.

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