8 Best Adhesives for Wood

best adhesive for wood

best adhesive for wood

 The ideal adhesive for wood saves you the strain of redoing a project multiple times. 

It has many benefits overall traditional adhesives, it provides exceptional bonding strength, and it is super durable. It come in several forms some are waxy, others have a thinner consistency, some are colorless, and others have light colors.

The main advantage of good wood glue is its strength. Wood glues are some of the best binding agents in the world. The grip provided by them is even stronger than the natural strength of the wood. They are not just to bond wood with wood, it has many other uses. It is used to bond wood with different surfaces, it can be used for wood veneering, and it can be used for epoxy paints. The wood adhesive in the form of hiding glue is used for woodcraft. Finally, they can be used to bond wood with other metals. It provides exceptional plastic and wood bonding.

 In Order to Help You 

We have assembled a list of the top-rated adhesives on the market. All the products on our list have won the trust of consumers by providing them the quality. Before sharing the list of products, let’s discuss some of their features.

What Makes These Products Special?

  • PVA-based glue: PVA is a chemical substance, used in several binding agents, it has water-like consistency and high gripping potential. The water-like consistency fits well in the pores of the wood and gives the strongest grip. Unlike wax-based glues, PVA is easy to work with and provides the strongest bond.
  • Shorter open time: Open time is the duration required by a binding agent to dry completely. Different wood adhesives have different open times, but all our products have a shorter open time and provide quick binding. Longer open times are exhausting, and also, they can hinder the required alignment.
  • Adhesion and shelf life: Several products in the market deliver the strongest bonds between the wood. A bond is stronger than the natural strength of the wood. All our products have the strongest and reliable binding force and longer shelf life.

Along with the aide mentioned features, our products have many enticing features that we will discuss further in our list, so without stretching it any longer.

 Let’s Dive in! 

Best Adhesives for Wood 2023

Here are our picks for the top adhesives for wood that will get the job done for good.

Wood AdhesiveWoody Rating
1. Gorilla 620600510/10
[Editor’s Choice]
2. TITEBOND III Ultimate8.5/10
3. Titebond Franklin8/10
4. Fast Cap 2P-107.5/10
5. Gorilla Ultimate7/10
6. Franklin International7/10
7. Titebond Dark7/10
8. Titebond 50036.8/10

A wood adhesive is a reliable material for joining the wood. They can be used for various functions, it can be used for joining wood, for making furniture, for making decorative material, and for joining wood to concrete. In short, the wood adhesive is a worthy purchase, but if you choose the right one. Choosing the right product could be tricky, especially when there is a variety of options are available.

1. Gorilla 6206005

[Editor’s Choice]

Gorilla 6206005 Wood Glue, 36 ounce Bottle, Natural Wood Color, (Pack of 1)

  • It provides the strongest grip with resistance to water & dampness with its unique water resistance formulae.
  • Has PVA as the base and  is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use
  • It dries to natural colors so doesn’t destroy the natural color of the wood.
  • It’s super easy to work with. You can remove the extra glue with the wet rag or a sponge
  • Takes a very short duration for initial drying and fixing. However, complete drying takes almost 24 hours
  • Provides reliable binding on bare wood surfaces & is great for wood veneer.
shorter drying timenone
provides the strongest grip
ideal for exterior & interior use
PVA based product
Doesn’t give off an artificial color
easy maintenance

2. TITEBOND III Ultimate

TITEBOND 1 Gal Ultimate III Wood Glue

  • An all-purpose wood binder suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Its waterproof formula provides excellent fixation and binding on all types of wood
  • Can be cleaned easily with water.
  • It has a no foam-forming formula that doesn’t smudge hands and the wood.
  • FDA approved and safer to use for indirect food contacts.
  • Has a shorter drying period, it took only 7-8 minutes for clamping.
  • It can also be used as hiding glue for joining wood furniture.
Suitable for interior and exterior usedries to a light brown color
Affordable and safe to use
Reliable fixing and binding strength
Shorter drying period
Longer shelf life
Easy handling and maintenance
Ideal for crafting

3. Titebond Franklin

Titebond Franklin International 9106 1-Gallon Extend Wood Glue

  • Ideal for a complex application.
  • Can fix broken & uneven edges proficiently.
  • Provides a bonding stronger than the natural strength of wood.
  • Works well on all types of wood and porous materials.
  • PVA waterproof product with a longer shelf life
  • Is free from harmful chemicals, FDA proven, and safe to use
  • Can also be used as hiding glue and for gluing ornaments & decoration pieces.
Safe to useA slightly longer drying period
Suitable for complex applications
PVA waterproof glue
Suitable all materials
Longer shelf life

4. Fast Cap 2P-10

FastCap 2P-10 RT 10 oz Rubberized All Purpose Wood Formula Thick Adhesive

  • Best all-purpose wood glue it works well on all types of wood and provides the maximum binding strength
  • Has the shortest drying and fixing time, it sets and fixes in 30 secs, and take a shorter period for drying completely
  • Ideal for commercial and residential woods, excellent for the woodworkers
  • It is a high coverage product. The smallest amount gives the strongest strength
  • The product came with a solid 2 years guarantee, and it has a longer half-life.
  • This water-resistant fixative works well on granite and plastic
Ideal for woodworkersNot made of safe chemicals
All-purpose wood glue
Provides the greatest strength
High coverage
Shorter drying period

5. Gorilla Ultimate

Gorilla Ultimate Waterproof Wood Glue, 8 ounce, Natural, (Pack of 1)

  • Is 100% waterproof fixative and provides maximum adhesion strength. It can be cleaned with slightly warm water.
  • A perfect choice for external use; in other words, it can bear higher temperatures.
  • Takes 15-20 minutes for fixing and takes 24 hours for drying.
  • Is a PVA-based waterproof product, and it is the ideal adhesive for wood to concrete.
  • It does not require any particular temperature for drying & does so in 24 hours.
Excellent multi-purpose wood fixativeFrequently out of stock
Dries properly in time
100% waterproof
Easy to clean with water
Suitable for external use
100% waterproof adhesive

6. Franklin International

Franklin International 5064 Titebond Original Wood Glue, 16-Ounce, 2 Pack

  • One of the ideal wood binders for interior use. It provides a professional grip over the wood.
  • Comes with a bottle cap that makes it easy to handle, its maintenance is easy, and can be cleaned with water.
  • Has a shorter fixing and a drying period.
  • Is the ideal partner for woodworkers for internal uses. Renders exceptional strength and standability.
Multipurpose wood binding agentDoesn't dry quickly at a lower temperature
Professional strength
An ideal product for internal use
Simple to apply

7. Titebond Dark

Titebond Dark Wood Glue, 16 Ounces

  • Extreme quality dark wood adhesive combines best with dark woods.
  • Type || water resistances, it sets and fix well on the moisture area and stays there for a longer period
  • It is safe to use, it doesn’t have any toxic and harmful chemicals.
  • Sets quickly but takes 24 hours for drying.
  • Is suitable for gluing wood with wood.
dries quicklythin consistency
great for wood on wood & also metals
water resistance
economical price
suitable for dark wood

8. Titebond 5003

Titebond 5003 II Premium Wood Glue, 8-Ounces

  • Is perfect for exterior and interior use.
  • Has a fast-drying formula that helps in fast drying.
  • With an outstanding bonding strength.
  • Has super easy application and has easy handling and cleanup. One can clean the extra product with a piece of cloth.
  • Has a water-resistance formula that helps in the fast drying.
  • This PVA wood glue combines well with almost all the porous surfaces
Provides the greatest strengthRequires to be used in greater quantity.
Super easy to maintain and clean
All-purpose wood binder
Don’t give any color on drying.

Buying Guide

wood adhesive buying guide

There are a lot of companies in the market, who are making different kinds of products. Choosing the right wood fixative is a changing task, especially for a naïve person. To help our readers, we have shortlisted some features that you should keep in mind while choosing a wood adhesive.

Adhesive strength

Wood fixatives are the cement of wood. It is used to join two pieces of wood, and to enhance the overall strength of wood. Adhesive strength is one of the crucial things that you should consider while purchasing the wood fixative. Strength-related information of the product is available on the packaging of the product. So, make sure to read the information before buying. Any product that can deliver strength greater than the strength of the wood fiber is an ideal all-purpose wood fixative

Fixing time

Now you are familiar with the terms of fixing and drying time. Both of these have keen importance. The product having a shorter fixing and drying time should be chosen, because these products set themselves and need much less attention and care. Fixing and drying time is also mentioned on the bottles, always check the fixing and drying time before buying. Any wood binder that can dry in 24 hours is best for residential and commercial use.

Ease to use

Always buy easy-to-use products. Several high-quality products in the market that is difficult to use. For instance, some companies do not make the small or regular packaging of the adhesives. So, buyers need to buy large packaging that is economical. Also, the handling of tees products is tricky. So, choose a product that is easy to work with. It will save you money and time.


Viscosity or consistency is also one of the crucial features of the wood adhesive. Wood glues come in different consistencies. All have their benefits, for instance, thin glues fill the cracked surfaces well, and the waxy products are best for heavy-duty tasks. Ideally, you should choose a product having a mild viscosity not too thick nor water-like. This consistency works best on wood.

Bottom line

We have assembled the list of the best adhesive for wood. All the products on the list are of extreme quality and provide the best value for the money. You can choose the one that best matches or fulfill your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

wood adhesive comparisons

Here are some important queries addressed for your knowledge.

What is the strongest wood glue?

Gorilla 6206005 is the strongest wood glue. Along with this, Gorilla and Timebound have some best quality products. They have glues of different types and packages; you need to select the product that best suits you.

What is the best exterior glue for wood?

Any glue that can withstand the external environment and its fluctuation is suitable for external use. Overall polyethylene glue from the timebound is one of the best products for external use.

Which glue is best for crafts?

The adhesive is used for making furniture and can be used for woodcraft. For crafting, a hidden binder is used. A hide adhesive is coreless, and it doesn’t give any color on drying. Wood glues are used to bond two pieces of wood. It is also used to combine wood with different types of metals and surfaces.

What is stronger epoxy or wood glue?

Epoxy and wood glues both have some advantages and disadvantages. Epoxy fills the gap and provides excellent adhesion, and wood glue is safe to use, dries quickly, and is waterproof, also they are economical.

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