accidentally removed asbestos tile

Accidently Removed Asbestos Tiles 【Easy Fix 2023】

accidentally removed asbestos tile

 Are you renovating some house that is years and years old then you must be scared of getting affected by asbestos? Or even if you have accidentally removed asbestos tiles then know that you are not alone.  Internet is full of questions about tips for broken asbestos tiles or how to deal with them. Over here all of your questions will be answered that will leave you satisfied. So, stay with us till the end.

Why Are People Scared Of It?

If you already don’t know and you are wondering; why even are people scared of it? Then there are a few facts on which you need to lay light. Asbestos in general or cracked asbestos tiles have a lot of potentials to affect your health badly.

Why you must think? Because it consists of six types of fibrous silicate mineral and each one of them carry “fibrils” that tend to disperse in the atmosphere hence affecting your health badly. When you are working on extremely old houses that have been built in the 70s or ’80s then these “fibrils” are present in pipes, ceilings, tiles, and all the compact places. But not that, there are few houses as well that don’t have any of them.

What To Do If I Removed Asbestos Tile?

If you have accidentally removed asbestos tiles then first of all you don’t have to panic. There are so many people out there who have removed asbestos tiles without knowing and are still doing okay.

Then, you should let the air because the particles of it are very light even lighter than air. And have the capability of airborne which can be a hazard for your health. On the other hand, if you are very uncertain about the broken asbestos tile then get it tested. Also, no worries about the charges as the test are very affordable. If it gets confirmed you should directly go licensed abatement company.

How To Tell Asbestos Floor Tile?

tile - Dealing with Asbestos Floor Tiling - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

People usually start getting tensed for no reason. Although, there are very less asbestos tiles that can be identified. And getting a confirmation about them being one is very important. So, rather than searching or complaining, I removed the asbestos tile. You should if they even are the ones or not.

A first major hint would be, seeing any black adheres layer beneath your flooring. If it is there then there are chances of them being the one. And for the final confirmation, you need to get it tested which is very inexpensive. That’s why it is known that one of the best asbestos flooring identification guides is to send the sample of your flooring to a certified asbestos-tested lab. Because most of the time people’s doubt turns out negative.

How Can We Remove Them?

Identifying and Treating Asbestos Tiles in the Home

Since everyone gets very concerned about loose asbestos tiles in the basement or anywhere. The real question that arises is how to remove asbestos tile from concrete floors? Well, there is a safe procedure that you need to follow. Without following it things can be a little risky and that is for your health.
Firstly, you need a good sheet cover then you would have to prepare the working area. There is some special equipment like a sharp knife, hammer, scrapper, etc. that are mandatory to buy. Then you would need equipment for your safety like boots without laces and respiratory protective equipment (RPE). And then comes the last steps which involve overlaying of asbestos tiles being broken and then finally the removal process.

How Do I Avoid Accidentally Removing Asbestos Tiles?

Asbestos Tile: Is it Safe to Remove? - This Old House

There are so many ways to avoid them. The best one would be to hire a contractor or let the professionals do their tasks. Working on them is not everyone’s tea. And even if you think that you are smart or qualified enough to handle it. Then make sure that you test the air before digging into it. And if you are hiring contractors then make sure they are well-qualified and have done the certified courses of it as well. Because again this is one of the risky tasks out there.

Can I Cover Accidentally Removed Asbestos Tiles?

The truth about asbestos vinyl flooring | Chemcare

Yes, you can easily cover it. Even if it is recommended the finest solution of it is to cover it instantly as it will avert any further trouble or damage. One strong way of covering accidentally removed asbestos tiles in the UK is to stop the toxic dusk from getting inside the air/atmosphere of your house.

The other useful tip would be to instantly cover the flooring with the tight carpet known as rubber-based carpet. Using a fiber pad for covering is not a good idea at all. If you are not a carpet person then go for the flooring. There are some common flooring like ceramic tiles, vinyl asbestos floor tiles, and sheet floors. These flooring and carpet cover the whole thing so seamlessly and makes the house safe and sound at the same time. Even if you are selling the house you need to cover it up for the sake of the safety of the potential owner.

What To Do If There Are Broken Asbestos Tiles Under The Carpet?

In such type of situation, you have some choices. You would need to work on them as per your feasibility. If you don’t have a budget then leave the carpet as it is. Secondly, if you don’t like it that way then make a budget for asbestos flooring materials or new carpet and for the abatement for removing it.

But it’s a lot better if you get it tested in all ways.

Is Asbestos There In Present Times?

The dangers of asbestos: What the public should know | Penn Today

Yes, they are available. These risks do not just come with the old houses but with the new ones. As most of the floor tiles consist of mastics and adhesive then there are most chances of asbestos being there.

However, the newly floored tiles might not contain any of them. But the “not-so-old” ones such as 12”x12” tile, 9”x9” tile, carpet glues, adhesives, and others like them do have chances of having asbestos.


By chance, if you have accidentally removed asbestos tiles then you don’t have to panic or get hyper tensed. Some precautions need to be followed before removing them. And if you haven’t followed those rules and the safety guide and there are so many tips to overcome them have also been discussed above. Stay safe and sound!

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