How to Make Wood Trim Look Modern? Unique Ideas & Tips

how to make wood trim look modern

 Making your wood trim look slick is what makes your place stand out. 

For ages, wood is being used in the construction and decoration of houses and other buildings. In modern days, there are lots of ways that can give a modern look to the wood. There is a myth that wood trim tends to look untidy and the white border gives a nice and elegant look to your decoration.

But the reality is that the problem is undefined border looks really bad while the neat and expensive frame is responsible for giving a clean look regardless of white or wood. Thick and solid wood trim will cost you more than a thin, small, cheap log. Because a cheap timber border is responsible for giving an outdated look. This article will discuss how to make wood trim look modern.

How to decorate a house with wood trim? 

how to decorate a house with wood trim

If you have a house where wood is used in huge quantities and you are fed up with an old look of wood, you have various options to choose from. You can repaint your house to give it a new and fresh look. One way to decorate your home with wood trim is by adding modern and updated furniture. Another option is to play with colours, add colourful pillows, cushions, and curtains. But if you do not like colours, keeping it neutral should be your strategy. If you are decorating with wood trim, you should look modern and e-designs that are pretty popular.

Paint it cool

In order to decorate the natural wood trim interior, you can paint it. But it is suggested that you should stay away from dark and warm tones for your walls. Warm tones on the walls will give your house an old dark look. Painting your walls in neutral tones such as off-white, grey, and white will light up your home and also add grace to the grace. Wood along with neutral painted walls will look great and fantastic. If you are wood is dark in colour, then go for grey paint colours that go with dark wood trim.

It is advisable not to go for any suggestion without deep searching about the colour of your wood trim. Because many people regard wood as neutral, but it is not. So it is opined that wood will work best with walls painted in a neutral colour. In order to decorate your wood trim living room, you should go for a high percentage of white colour than any warm colour; you can also check tonnes of navy blue as it is the only bold choice left for you. Black and deep graphite will also go with the wood trim house.

Modern furniture

natural wood trim interior

Interior design wood trim can be modified by addition modern furniture in your living room. In this regard, you have to avoid furniture of the same colour as wood trim. It is suggested to choose metal, black, and lacquered pieces of furniture. It would be great if you mixed some antique furniture with modern furniture. In this way, you can get a new look at your wood-trimmed house. In this regard, you can play with colours. Try mixing and matching cushions, pillows, and curtains of different colours. These small details will help you in creating a new and modern finish and look for your room.

Wooden furniture is found in every house, but the key is to avoid over-crowding of wooden furniture in your rooms because it will not give a dead look to your wood trim living room. If you want a modern look, then you have to avoid matching everything with grey walls wood trim. If the colour of your wood is brown, that does not mean that everything in the room should be brown or rust, and also, do not go for the mixture of brownish tones.

Paint The Crown Moulding

When searching for ideas about how to decorate a house with wood trim, then you should keep painting the crown moulding in your list. White painting the crown of your ceiling add beauty and grandeur to your ceiling, and it will look more expansive and fancy. Moreover, adding painted crown moulding with wooden trim is a really good combination. But if you have a wide variety of wood trim in your house, then do not go for painting everything white, just paint the crowns, and you will have a new grand look added to your home. This will instantly light up and brighten your space.

Appropriate lights

wood trim living room

When you are wondering how to make wood trim look modern, then lights play a very significant role in the decoration of your house. If you have dark-coloured wood trim in your house, you have to invest in lights. There are thousands of different types of lights available in the market in modern days. There are also various designs that can match your white walls wood trim. White and yellow lights are best suited for dark wood trims, but you have to create the balance. In a well-lighted room, everything seems to look beautiful and fantastic. Appropriate lights will give a spacious look to your room. You can experiment with modern designs and styles of lights that are readily available in the market.

The e-design

When you are planning to decorate rooms with dark trim, then re-designs are here for your survival. There are hundreds of websites that can help you in decorating your wooden trim house. Take a picture of the room you want to decorate, then upload it on the website, and you get hundreds of suggestions. Apply one by one and choose the best one for you. These websites will save you from wasting a lot of money in experimenting with different techniques.

The Wood Trim Problem

When debating how to make wood trim look modern, it is important to note that the wood itself is a colour with different shades from light to dark in a single log, so pairing it with other colours is not easy. This complicated wood colour issue makes people spectacle in decorating their house with wood trim. Most people do not have a clear idea about what they like or do not. So, they avoid getting into the confusion of decorating with dark wood trim.

Reasons you want to decorate your wood trim

modern oak trim living room

  • Like the stained wood trim.
  • Don’t like it but can’t be bothered to change it.
  • Hate it but don’t want to spend the money to fix it.
  • Want a modern look for your room
  • Like aesthetic pleasing decoration
  • Decide which Trim will be Stained

Before painting wood trim, be sure what parts you want to paint or other parts that you want to leave in their original colour. This will help you in getting the desired look that you want to create or give to your room. Before staining different parts of a white room with wood trim, you need to answer the following questions:

  • Do I like this feature of my home in a stained finish?
  • Is this trim made with quality wood?
  • Does this trim make a statement in my home?
  • Is this trim in good condition?
  • Does this stained trim work with the “mood” I’d like to create in this room?

Decide which Trim will be Painted

living room wall paint colors with dark wood trim

When you are thinking about decorating your living room wall paint colours with dark wood trim, then you have to decide which trim, moulding or casing will be painted. In order to paint the trims, you need to consider the following questions before starting:

  • Which wood-stained features do I dislike?
  • Is this trim made with inexpensive wood?
  • Does this trim distract from other appealing features of my home?
  • Is this trim in poor condition?

Determine the Start and Endpoints

decorating with dark wood trim

Here are some things to decide beforehand.

Determine the Start and Endpoints

One of the critical things in staining and painting is determining end and start points. You should decide with paint will go best with the base and which type of look it will give to your wood trim living room. It is recommended to keep a colour consistency within a room to have a perfect and well-created look with wooden trim, such as all the baseboards should be painted in the same colour. Similarly, all the crowns of the room have the same colour.

Decide whether each Window Casing will be Painted or Stained

When discussing how to make wood trim look modern, it should consider which window needs painting or staining to match your wood trim in the house. If you want that your windows feel bigger than their size, then colour contrast trim colours shall be your choice. In contrast to this, if you aim to highlight the window, high contrast colours are here for your rescue. The idea of painting should be included in your list when you are looking for decorating ideas for rooms with wood trim.

Decide whether each Door Casing will be Painted or Stained

Painting doors and casing will be helpful when we are talking about how to make wood trim look modern. The colours of the doors should be matched with the wood trim of your house. Choose the paint according to the look you want to create and how these colours appear with adjoining walls. It is recommended to paint the adjacent doors the same colour to create the illusion of one door. Doors and windows are very critical in decorating your modern oak trim living room.


In order to sum up the discussion of how to make wood trim look modern, it is evident that there are various ways and techniques that can transform your wood trim room into a modern living room. You can paint it with neutral tones, add colourful fabrics in your room, and add modern furniture combined with antiques that match light grey walls with the wood trim of your room. In this way, you can give modern look to the wooden borders of your home.

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