Best Sanders for Exterior Paint Removal

8 Best Sanders for Exterior Paint Removal 2023 【Ranked】

Best Sanders for Exterior Paint Removal

 Are you looking for different ways to sand your furniture to give it a brand new look? 

 Or are you thinking to sand the timeworn paint off your home or any other place walls? 

 You’re at the right spot. 

Then let us just tell you one thing sanding is one of the tedious jobs. Not just it requires extra effort but it is time-consuming as well. The right sander for exterior paint removal makes this tough job easier and gives the perfect finishing to the material surface as well. At the same time, choosing the right sander to remove paint is also extremely important. For that, you need to know, how to choose the right sander accordingly to your surface material.

But before jumping to the list of the sanders to remove paint from wood. Let us tell you there are two popular types we’ll be mostly dealing with; a random orbital sander and a belt sander. The random orbital is more recommended because it works perfectly for wood projects and does not even leave any sort of scratch mark on the material. Whereas the belt sander is also swift in working but it is more on the antagonistic side. Consider reading our much more detailed  Buying Guide  at the article’s end.

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Before You Check our List

You need to know a couple of things to look for in the paint removing sander. Here are some points to consider before spending your hard-earned bucks.

  • Power of Sander: If the wood sander isn’t powerful enough, it won’t really do much for you. Even if your purpose simply might be paint removal, you’d still prefer buying a product that is much versatile. And believe us when we say this, power adds to the versatility. Luckily we’ve only included products here that are tough & durable.
  • Speed of Sander: The importance of speed varies from job to job. When we say speed, it isn’t just the velocity we’re talking about but also the ability to maintain pace when tackling tough projects. We’ve only included products here that won’t disappoint.

 Keep Scrolling for the Top Sanders list 

  • Knowing Your Purpose: This is perhaps the most important factor. Researching your purpose well will enable you to invest in a product that suits your needs in an ideal way. Each type of sander has a specific purpose. So keeping that in mind we’ve added machines that are kind of like all-rounders.
  • Adjustable Speed: Variable speed control is a feature that accompanies most modern sanders. You’d obviously need different speeds for different jobs. So this feature is something you’ll be utilizing a lot.
  • Dust Collection or Vacuum connectivity: Sanding can be easy if done with the right sander, but cleaning after the job is done will be quite frustrating for most people. So make sure to invest in something that has a dust collecting system, or alternatively has Vaccum connectivity options.

 Now Let’s Dive In! 

Best Sanders for Exterior Paint Removal 2023

Here are our picks for the top Sanders for Exterior Paint Removal you can buy right now:

Wood SanderWoody RatingPrice
1. Makita 990310/10
[Editor’s Choice]
Check Price
2. DEWALT 20V MAX8.5/10
Check Price
3. Makita BO50418.2/10
Check Price
4. BOSCH GET75-6N8/10
Check Price
5. Metabo HPT Belt Sander7.9/10
Check Price
6. DEWALT 20V MAX XR7.9/10
Check Price
7. Ingersoll Rand 328B7.5/10
Check Price
8. Wagner Spraytech 05130407.4/10
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As said before, sanding any material is a hard job to do manually. But with the help of a machine, you can make your easier and safe your time as well. Buying the right machine according to your demand is not as simple as buying any laptop or mobile phone, especially for a beginner.

Doing the task wrongly can give big stubborn scratches or uneven the surface of your wood, wall, or car’s exterior. But with the help of the right electrical device, your task can be done quickly and perfectly simultaneously.

So, first, let’s have a look at the top sanders to remove paint, and then we’ll be giving you all the basic and advanced information that you’d possibly require before buying the machine.

1. Makita 9903

Makita 9903 3 x 21 Belt Sander

[Editor’s Choice]

Why We Love It? 

  • Easy to use especially for beginners.
  • Comes with a dust bag which leads to zero mess in the room.
  • Has multiple options to control the speed.
  • The handle is designed in such a way that is very comfortable to work with.
  • This belt sander for paint remover works for both wood and metal.
  • Talking about power, its motor is 8.8 AMP (120 Volts) that comes with electronic speed control.

8.8 AMP motor with inane powerNo case included
Front grip design feature
Noiseless sander (85dB)
Great power at low speeds
Best for DIYers
Smooth, seamless sanding
Easy and comfortable to use
Ideal for shedding off paint
Immense power at high speeds
Best value for money

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DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander

Why We Love It? 

  • Dewalt 20V comprises brushless motors which enable efficient operation without the fear of overheating.
  • It has speed control due to which can match the speed application.
  • It has low height due to which it can work closely to the surface bringing more perfection to the sanding.
  • Its grip is molded by texturized rubber causes easy sanding.
  • This paint sanding machine has a 5Ah battery.

Works an hour non stopNot for really tough jobs
Great maneuverability
Full speed control 8,000 to 12,000 OMP
Rubber overmold grip
Dust sealed switch for longer switch life
Low height enables greater sanding control
3 years of warranty

3. Makita BO5041

Makita BO5041

Why We Love It? 

  • It has extremely smooth and high-speed sanding with 3 Amp.
  • We root for variable speed and BO5041 also comes with this feature.
  • It has a built-in dust collector for saving extra effort.
  • It has the option to sand with two handles.
  • Its ergonomic palm grip is very comfortable.
  • The power is immense for a 3.0 Amp motor

Changeable front handleCord a bit problematic
Orbit pattern is swirl-freeDust bag could be better
Comfortable rubberized grip
Powerful voltage (120V)
Quality build

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Why We Love It? 

  • It has an upgraded dust collecting system.
  • Has a side handlebar for great support and control.
  • Can also be used for fine flooring, woodworking crafts, inlay, carpentry, and many more.
  • This already well-equipped equipment comes with extra accessories.
  • The source of the power is corded electricity.
  • The hook and loop pad of this sander is microcellular which gives the surface fine and perfect finish.

User-friendly & lightweightNo backup pads available
High quality
Gives perfect finishing
Vacuum connectivity option
Great for DIY

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5. Metabo HPT Belt Sander

Metabo HPT Belt Sander

Why We Love It? 

  • A great electric sander for walls, it has an efficient dust collector.
  • The grip of the handle is very comfy so there’s no point of soreness.
  • Metabo HPT Belt Sander is one of the powerful machines in the category.
  • Sander’s tracking window is transparent which allows the user to keep track of work.
  • The speed dial, handle, and front cover are replaceable and can be upgraded easily.

Sanding surface and sanding belt visibilitySanding bag touches forearm, especially if you're right-handed
9Amp powerful motor
Comes with the auto-tracking belt system
Very comfortable handle grip
Does not make high pitch noise


DEWALT 20V MAX XR Palm Sander

Why We Love It? 

  • This sanding-off paint machine consists of a brushless motor that has a variable speed option.
  • The design of this machine is low-profile making it ideal for paint stripping.
  • It comes with a dust collector along with a dust handy as well.
  • The power source of this machine is a 5.0 Ah battery.
  • It comes with a paper clamp that gives an easy paper installation option.

Brushless motors give a great finishingFeels heavy after attaching the battery
Efficient dust collector
The grip is rubber textured
Paper clamp available
Budget friendly
Powerful motor

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7. Ingersoll Rand 328B

Ingersoll Rand 328B

Why We Love It? 

  • Its dual-action pad motion provides you with effective rotational motion.
  • This machine comes with very low vibration.
  • Its orbital sander is heavy duty and is powered by an air source.
  • The ball bearing design of this electrical device is well balanced.

Low vibrationDoesn't have a dust collector
One year warrantyNo dust Collector
Easy to use
Dual-action pad motion

8. Wagner Spraytech 0513040

Wagner Spraytech 0513040

Why We Love It? 

  • This sander for exterior paint removal has an efficient spinning fiber disc giving a perfect finish to already chipped wood, car, steel, etc.
  • Also, a great sander for cars its disc gets attached to the surface so well that it doesn’t damage it.
  • Can easily switch between one-hand or two-handed operations.
  • If the sander is on edge, it can be used to give a definite shape to the surface.
  • It comes with an adjustable handle as well.

Removes paint without damaging the surfaceNot good rough surface
Very powerfulSmall disc for big projects
The handle is adjustable
Great control

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BUYING GUIDE – Sander for Exterior Paint Removal

best sander for furniture paint removal buying guide

How to choose a paint sanding machine? Right below you will be getting every important information and depth about the best sander for exterior paint removal from scratch. Not just the basic details but we have also given consideration that you should be making while choosing the electrical device for your task.

To buy something it is mandatory to have know-how about the product. If you have basic knowledge or facts about the product then it is only beneficial for you because you won’t fall into any trap and you won’t regret it buying later. The same goes for the sander, before buying a sander for exterior paint removal, you should know some background about it. Right below there’s everything you should know before stepping into the market to buy it. This information will not only guide the beginners but it is surely extremely helpful for the professionals as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Here are some really important things to consider before buying. Don’t buy before referring to this detailed buying guide below.

Power Sander

Always make sure to buy a sander that is powerful enough to remove the paint off the surface. If we talk about the power quantitatively then the average power is 3 Amp whereas if you are buying the machine for big projects then the engine should be at least be of 6 Amp. Remember, the more powerful the sander will be the fast-working and long-lasting it will be.

Speed of the Sander

If you are getting this electric sander for walls, wood or any other surface don’t forget to check its speed. The device works more efficiently if the speed is higher. Makes sure to check the RPM is 3600 plus. Now, if you are wondering what RPM is? It is rotation per minute. If the speed of the machine is high only then it will be able to remove paint off easily and perfectly. Your sander should also have a speed controlling option as it brings perfect finishing.

Plus Point For Speed Lock

If you are planning to work on a long-term project then look for the speed lock feature as well. This helps you to select one speed and after that, the machine will constantly work on that speed giving the perfect results.

Should Be Easy To Use

There are so many machines out there in which changing sanding pods or paper require extra effort and are complicated as well. So, make sure to opt for a machine that is easy to use as it will save your time.

Dust Collecting System

While buying this machine, keep that in your mind that sanding creates a big mess. So, it will be feasible for you to buy a device that comes with a dust collecting system. Also, don’t forget to attach the vacuum with it.

Low Noise and Vibration

To get the smoother and perfect touch you need to buy a low vibration machine. Not just it gives a smooth touch to the surface but it is comfortable for your hands as well. Also, it should not make high noise especially if you are buying a sander for cars as it has to be pleasant for the ears as well.

Weight and Manageability

It should be lightweight and easy to manage. Because you would want to require to use it on different heights and areas. Don’t make the mistake of buying a machine with short cords.

Cost & Maintenance

Lastly, be sure to invest in something that provides the most value for money & has low maintenance. We’ve got you covered here as all the products included in the list below are surely the ones that provide a bang for each penny spent

Frequently Asked Questions

best sander for furniture paint removal frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions you still might have:

How to choose the best sander? 

Choosing the sander is not a tough task. All you need to know is to determine; what exactly you feature you and what is your budget? Then look at the features and consider all the things that we have mentioned above and go for it.

How to take care of your sander? 

It is not as tough as it seems. You just need to follow the precautions regarding it. As in don’t use it on the wet surface, it would be better to sand the rough surface manually, wash the disks regularly, don’t use it straight for long hours as it might heat the machine, don’t put too much pressure on the machine, and keep the machine in a dry place.

Where can I buy the perfect sanders?

Sanders is very common nowadays. They are easily available in the market and if you prefer online shopping due to ongoing situations then Amazon is the best option to go for.

Why is orbital sander better than all the other types? 

That is because it has more orbits per minute. Which brings great finishing to the surface and they are easy to control. Also, they are much calmer comparatively other types.

Can we use an orbital sander to remove the paint? 

Yes, you can! But make sure to follow all the safety precautions. As in wearing the goggles and breathing masks to avoid yourself from the dangerous dusk particles. But a little piece of advice, don’t put a lot of pressure on one spot and make sure to keep the machine moving.

How many types of sanders are there? 

There are so many types of the sander. But the common and the famous ones are; belt sander paint remover, orbital sander, shaft sanders, power drywall sander, and arbitrary circle sanders. And the most used ones are the belt and orbital sanders. So, first, get to know which one do you used and then look for the equipment accordingly.


So, which one of the above-mentioned products is most suitable for you? We hope this review helps you out choosing your best sander! Do not hesitate to reach Team WoodyMan if you still have any questions or need suggestions. We’re always there to help & accommodate our esteemed users. You can contact us at the given info. We’ll reach back as soon as we can.

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