8 Best Gas Chainsaws For Any Budget

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Maybe you’re a brush-clearer or you’ve just bought your first huge property and are you looking for a tool for pruning the woods. Whatever part you may relate to, you are here because you know that chainsaws are really versatile as well as powerful.

With our gas chainsaw reviews, we want to show you the same love you showed this tool, by helping you find the perfect gas-powered chainsaw for your work. We have ranked some of the best gas chainsaws available in the market according to their power, price, lifespan, usability, and other features.

Gas Chainsaws are a little tough to shop for as if you don’t get the right one, the motor can break down, the blade can wear out, or the fumes can get toxic for you. Our gas chainsaw reviews will be helpful in finding the correct tool for you according to your general requirements.

1.What to Consider Before Buying a Gas Chainsaw

a. Purpose

You should think of the purpose you are getting your gas chainsaw for. We would say that if you need to cut medium to large-sized trees or de-limb some large branches on the tree in the wooded areas, then you should surely go for a gas chainsaw.

b. Location of use

You should always know the location where you are going to use your tool before you start researching it. If you are working in a woodland area, a gas-powered chainsaw would be the most perfect choice.

c. Price

You can just spend hundreds of dollars and get a great chainsaw for yourself but it won’t be of any use if you don’t even know how to use more than half of its features. So, just buy the one which is perfect according to your requirements and doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Some of the best gas chainsaws can be bought for around $200.

d. Ease of Maintenance

Maintenance of chainsaws involves a lot of things such as chain lubrication, tightening, and sharpening. Staying up to date on the maintenance improves the safety as well as longevity of your chainsaw. The best chainsaws have an oil tank that can be filled conveniently and an easy-to-read gauge as well. So, always get the ones that are more updated and have less need for maintenance.

e. Portability

There are two major portability concerns which include the size and the fuel capacity. Smaller chainsaws like the pole and pruning ones are portable and easy to carry around with you. Larger ones are heavier and need more space if you want to transport them. Fuel capacity is also a worry, as the more the fuel capacity, the longer you can use it. On average a regular chainsaw can give an output of up to 20-40 minutes on a filled tank. Of course, it does depend on how intense the task is. Some professional models need a higher fuel capacity for an extra cutting time.

But don’t worry, there’s more to this which you can check in the buying guide down below.

2. Best Gas Chainsaws of 2023


Best Gas ChainsawWoody Rating
1. Husqvarna 460 460R 24"10/10
[Editor’s Choice]
2. Husqvarna 445 18"8.5/10
3. DEREAL Pro 62cc Gas Chainsaws 2-Cycle8/10
4. Litheli Cordless Chainsaw 14", 40V7.5/10
5. Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc7/10
6. Husqvarna 16 Inch 1307/10
7. Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle6.8/10
8. Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch Cordless6.8/10


1. Husqvarna 460 460R 24″ Gas Chainsaw


usqvarna 460 460R 24" Gas Chainsaw


a. Why do we like it?

  • This quality gas chainsaw has an effortless starting which lets it start quickly with almost no effort.
  • This gas-powered chain saw is durable and has great ergonomic comfort.
  • Its automatic oiler provides a steady chain lubrication supply for effective usage.
  • It is perfect for tree pruning, firewood cutting, and yard cleanup.
  • The low vibration system of this gas power chainsaw reduces the vibration levels for the user.
  • This best gasoline chain saw has an easy-to-fix and remove the air filter.
Safe & Convenient to use.
Chain replacement should be improved.
Extra safe with a chain brake.
Easy to start.
Low Vibration.
Easy cleanup.

b. How does this chainsaw compare with other chainsaws?


This is the best gas chainsaw as it is heavy-duty and has a great performance. It has a low vibration technology for safe usage and the control on this chainsaw is comfortable as well. This chainsaw is powered by an X-Torq engine for less fuel consumption and fumes. This chainsaw has an effortless startup which is one of the best things about it.

Its rugged chainsaw is really durable and this chainsaw has the best comfort features. This chainsaw has a simple system that allows you to adjust it quickly even while you are working. The 3.62 HP engine of this chainsaw works on lesser fuel which means reduced consumption and controlled emission of gas. Also, this chainsaw has a quick-release air filter for quick and convenient cleanup.

c. Specifications:

  • The weight of this chainsaw is 14.5 pounds.
  • The length of this chainsaw is 34 inches.
  • The height of this chainsaw is 10 inches.
  • The width of this chainsaw is 10 inches.
  • It is orange in color.
  • It is a gas-powered chainsaw with great power.
  • The power of this chainsaw is 3.62 HP

2. Husqvarna 445 18″ Gas Chainsaw


Husqvarna 445 18" Gas Chainsaw


a. Why Do We Like It?


  • Husqvarna 445 starts in an instant without a lot of effort. It has a primer that pumps up the fuel along with the choke that makes the chainsaw start in a jiffy.
  • A major and very advantageous aspect of the Husqvarna chainsaw is that it is lightweight. The weight is manageable and convenient up to a certain extent.
  • The ergonomic design makes handling and maneuvering easier and more comfortable. Aids in carrying around the chainsaw conveniently as well.
  • Husqvarna is the only brand that offers 2 years of manufacturing warranty after the purchase. Durable and steady and long-term use guaranteed. One of the best gas-operated chainsaws.
Ergonomic design.Difficult to cut through thicker limbs.
Instant startup.
Primer installed.
Varying saw bars.
Reduced vibrations.
Air cleaning system installed.
Lubricated with oiler.

b. In-Depth Details

When comparing and considering other gas chainsaw reviews there are a few things that stand out in the design. First of all the primer that provides suction and the fuel gets pumped. This enables it to start instantly. Secondly, the fuel fillers are easy to access with the flip-up cover. The chain brake is easy to manoeuvre and it also acts as a guard for your hand from large particles.

The engine and the air filter are easy to reach under the cover. The clips that hold the cover in place are easy to pop on and off. This also eliminates the stress of handling and losing any screws and nuts or any other machine gear.

c. How does this chainsaw compare with other chainsaws?

Hursquava is overall an economical and easy-to-use chainsaw. The rugged chainsaw on the 18-inch bar provides the utmost comfort to work with.

Moreover, the LowVib system works as an anti-vibration feature for smooth longer duration use. The 2.8 HP X-Torq engine is easy to ignite and reduces overall fuel consumption. It even makes sure that fewer fumes are produced for better and eco-friendlier performance.

d. Specifications

  • The dimension of this chainsaw is 32 x 10.74 x 9 inches
  • The weight of this chainsaw is 5.1 kilograms
  • The power output of this device is 2.1kW
  • The sound level expected is 112 dB(A)
  • The maximum speed at which the chain runs is 9000 rpm

3. DEREAL Pro 62cc Gas Chainsaws 2-Cycle Gasoline Powered Chain Saws


DEREAL Pro 62cc Gas Chainsaws 2-Cycle Gasoline Powered Chain Saws

a. Why Do We Like It?

  • Dereal pro 62cc ensures that it is safe to use with its dual throttle switches. It only starts once you press the switch preventing accidents and mishaps.
  • Consists of efficient and high-quality brakes, ensuring effective halting and safe use.
  • A 2 stroke cycle engine reduces fuel consumption and guarantees competitive output with high power.
  • The ergonomic handle lets the operator work for a longer duration without tiring. Overall increases the chainsaw’s efficiency and work power.
  • Self or automatic oiling lets the lubrication stay constant hence protecting the chain and increasing the equipment’s life.
  • 12 months guarantee supports technical services, damaged and missing parts. Accessory replacement is definitely a very charming and attractive proposal.
Less durable
Easy to assemble
High power output
Automatic Oiling
Complete guidance and manual provided
1 year Warranty
Ergonomic design
Efficient brakes

b. In-Depth Details

The most important element of this chainsaw is that it comes with both 20 inches and 14 inches bars. If we do chainsaw comparison then this is a very unique and reliable option that helps you vary your tasks. Having different chain bars enables the operator to multitask with the same chainsaw.


DEREAL Pro 62cc Gas Chainsaws 2-Cycle Gasoline Powered Chain Saws


Moreover, amongst the gas chainsaw ratings, it ranks best at manoeuvring. It easily starts on the second or the third pull and runs with great power. The reliability is also achieved with the extraordinary air filter. It ensures less fuel consumption and better output. Comparatively a very economical option for your brief tasks in your backyard or firewood cutting.

When we talk about professional large chain saw reviews, Dereal begs to differ. Both the starting and the braking systems are built to ensure accidental free operation. The dual throttle switch prevents abrupt start and the brake baffle helps with emergency brakes.

The two-stroke engine reduces the average fuel consumption by 10% and yet the power is not compromised. The output is 3.4 Hp which is reliable enough to give a smooth trail of activity and results.

c. Specifications

  • The dimensions of Dereal Pro 62cc are 20.47 x 10.43 x 11.81 inches
  • The fuel tank capacity is 550ml
  • The output power is 8500 rpm

4. Litheli Cordless Chainsaw 14″, 40V Chain Saw


Litheli Cordless Chainsaw 14", 40V Chain Saw


a. Why Do We Like It?

  • A lightweight and handy tool for controlled operation. Weighing only 11 lbs. the Litheli Cordless chainsaw gets the job done easily
  • An efficient chainsaw for longer working time and effective output. The brushless motor causes fewer vibrations and prolongs the life of the saw overall
  • Unlike other battery-powered chainsaws, this is a performer. Just to compare it supports almost 90 – 4X4 cuts per charge
  • The translucent window of the oil filler keeps you updated with the oil level. Automatic oiling relieves any stress of oiling the chain manually
  • A 5 years warranty on the equipment and a 3-year warranty on the battery is a real delight. Extended warranties ensure that the product is a long-term investment
Battery is not easily available
Battery works with all Litheli 40V tools
Long Lasting battery
Easy to assemble
5 year tool warranty
3 years battery and charger warranty

b. In-Depth Details

We scanned through many gas chain saws reviews and this may be a little different than others mentioned here. The chainsaw is battery-operated. With that being said it has its own pros and cons comparatively. Usually, heavy-duty operators desire heavy-duty equipment. But this Litheli chainsaw has the added benefit of being cordless and the battery is a real deal. The power output is satisfactory and the battery life is appreciable.


Litheli Cordless Chainsaw 14", 40V Chain Saw


It has a 14 inches chain bar which results in low kickback and is very handy for pruning and branch cutting. This battery-powered chainsaw assures uninterrupted work with its 2.5Ah Li-ion battery. Moreover, the battery is multi-protected giving us a safe and pollution-free output.

The operation is noiseless and no induction gases are produced. No need to refuel, just charge the battery once a month for handy, daily tasks. Fortunately, one battery works well with all the 40V similar brand’s equipment.

c. Specifications

  • The overall weight of the chainsaw is 11 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the package are 20 x 12 x 11.3 inches.
  • The power source is the battery.
  • The battery type is a Lithium-ion one which is included in the package.[/su_expand]

5. Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw


Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw


a. Why Do We Like It?

  • The OxyPower technology ensures better performance with less fuel consumption.
  • Minimized maintenance with self-oiling gear that keeps the bar and chain lubricated.
  • Anti-vibration and ergonomic design enable long-term use without getting tired.
  • The pull cord is spring-assisted for effortless pulling and starting.
  • Remarkable filtering system with productive air filter for efficient fuel usage and no compromise on power output.
Carry case included
A bit heavy
Extra chain included
Detailed manual for guidance
Easy to start
Very economical

b. In-Depth Details

When considering reviews on chainsaws then Poulan cannot be left out. This 18inches chainsaw is a heavy-duty machine for sure. The most advantageous feature is the power output and the fuel consumption which is appreciable. Using a gas chainsaw means burning fuel and emitting harmful gases. This chainsaw uses the OxyPower technology and lets the equipment consume less fuel yet provide incredible power. It also guarantees the reduction of harmful emissions.


Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw


The Poulan Pro PR4218 has all the remarkable features according to top gas chainsaw reviews. Besides being a little heavy rest all the concerned points are favorable. Low gas emission with powerful performance, and a clean air filter system to pamper the engine. Easy to pull and start and low maintenance with the automatic oiling of the bar and the chain turns it into an easy-to-use tool. The convenient handles are designed for reduced vibration and less wearing out of the operator


Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw


c. Specifications

  • The weight of the chainsaw is 13.2pounds
  • The dimensions of the chainsaw are 24 x 10 x 11 inches
  • It has a 42cc, 2 stroke engine
  • Comes with a carry case extra chain
  • Has an onboard storage capacity for the scrunch

6. Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw


Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw


a. Why Do We Like It?

  • A handy tool for modest wood cutting tasks. Being lightweight it becomes a favorite to handle light-duty cutting
  • Priority to safety is given to inertia-activated brakes
  • Low maintenance and increased efficiency with the self-oiling feature
  • Quick and easy chain adjustment is possible with the easy-to-fix chain tensioning system
  • The X-torque not only guarantees reduced emission but also reduces overall fuel consumption
  • No need to be a pro to handle this chainsaw. It caters to seasonal homeowners and limited operators with its ergonomic design
Chain is not very durable
Reduced fuel consumption
Easy startup.
High Quality Finish.
Great power output

b. In-Depth Details

Compared to others this is the best 16-inch bar gas chainsaw. Husqvarna is the most lightweight option. Carrying it around conveniently and working with this device is a breeze. Since it involves handling the machinery manually, weight is always an issue.

This chainsaw solves the very problem and lets the operator work for longer durations without stressing out. This 16 inches Husquvarna is an ideal size and favorable weight to work with. The standard chain bar can efficiently work through your day-to-day wood jobs.

Husqvarna 16 Inch 130 Gas Chainsaw


When we see other gas chain saw reviews, this Husqvarna chainsaw is a bit different. The compact size makes it super handy and the storage becomes easier. And the comparatively reduced weight makes it easier to carry around.

So whether it’s your backyard or getting wood from a faraway place, this little piece of equipment can be your grab-and-go option.

c. Specifications

  • The item has dimensions of 16.4 x 9 x 11.4 inches
  • The overall weight of the chainsaw is 5.67 Pounds
  • It has a Power of 2 Hp And the main power source of this chainsaw is gas

7. Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS 42cc


Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Powered Chainsaw


a. Why Do We Like It?

  • The 42cc 2cycle engine gives more than efficient output and performance
  • The polymer chassis provides reliability and minimum stress on the operator.
  • Easy to start and run. The smooth pull-start provides quick completion of tasks and lesser hurdles. This also saves time, effort and makes work completion quicker.
  • Oil level can be easily monitored and the adjustable oiler for the chain assures smooth and proper lubrication for it.
  • Anti-vibration systems do not cause fatigue even with long-duration use.
  • The ergonomic handle lets you cut from different angles and makes operating the machine comfortable as well.
Quick start technology
Heats up quickly
Automatic and adjustable oiler
Ergonomic handles for convenience of use
Powerful performance
Easy to maneuver

b. How does this chainsaw compare with other chainsaws?

The power output provided by this chainsaw is immense. If you are looking for equipment for heavy-duty work and some tedious work then this is it. Although the overall weight is a little heavier than the rest we have reviewed but with great power comes a little extra weight.

But all is not lost because many woodcutters and operators who work regularly, know what they may be dealing with. Hence if the requirement is of a considerably large chainsaw in terms of power then Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS it is. This 14 inches bar with a high output engine is one of the best gas home chainsaws.

A lot of analysis is put together to build this particular chainsaw where every aspect is carefully considered. A decent size of the blade with a high output of power makes it ideal for handy jobs as well as huge tree chopping. To make sure the weight does not exceed and become a menace, polymer chassis is introduced to resolve the issue. Overall the manufacturers have made sure that it starts quickly and easily. The anti-vibration settings allow prolonged use without stress and overtiredness.

c. Specifications

  • This chainsaw has dimensions of 27.5 x 9.75 x 11.25 inches
  • The weight of this Remington chainsaw is 14.96 pounds
  • The power source required for this item is gas

8. Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch Cordless


Amazon.com: Mini Chainsaw 6 Inch Cordless 2023 Upgraded, Super Lightweight and Powerful Taranzy Handheld Mini Chain Saw for Wood Cutting Tree Trimming, Battery Powered Electric Chainsaw, Bonus Gloves and Goggles : Patio,


a. Why do we like it?

  • This chainsaw is really powerful as it can cut through a 5-inch thick branch in just 5 seconds
  • This chainsaw has an ergonomic design and a security switch or extra protection
  • It has an extra chain brake to make sure it works smoothly. It stops precisely for safety and cutting accurately
  • You can purchase it without any worry as it has a 12-month guarantee and great after-sales service and technical support
  • This chainsaw is lightweight and compact which allows you to work in smaller areas without any issues
Safe to use.
Extra safe with a chain brake.

b. How does this chainsaw compare with other chainsaws?

This chainsaw is really powerful and has the ability to cut a thick branch in just a few seconds. It is powered by a 21V lithium battery which lasts for a long time and just takes around 2 hours to completely charge. This chainsaw is safe to use as it has a chain brake. It has a warranty of a year and after-sales support as well so you can buy it with peace of mind.


Amazon.com: ZNP Mini Chainsaw Cordless, Battery Powered Chainsaw, 6 inch Handheld Portable Chain Saw for Tree Pruning, Electric operated Small Chainsaw for Gardening Tree Branch Wood Cutting (6 inch-Orange) : Patio, Lawn


This powerful chainsaw has a 21V battery that can last for around an hour. The batteries just take 2 hours to charge completely. This chainsaw has an ergonomic design and comes with a security switch for extra protection. It helps in doing your work quickly as it is a powerful tool. Also, this chainsaw comes with a chain plate, 2 chains, 2 batteries, a charger, a screwdriver, a storage and carry box, a manual, an empty oil bottle, and a pair of gloves and goggles.


Good Quality 6 Inch Cordless Chainsaw 21V Battery-Operated Electric Chain Saw - China Small Chain Saw and Cordless Chain Saw price | Made-in-China.com



 c. Specifications

  • The weight of this chainsaw is 2 pounds
  • The length of this chainsaw is 15.71 inches
  • The height of this chainsaw is 7.4 inches
  • The width of this chainsaw is 5.59 inches
  • It is red in color


3. Buying Guide

If you want to buy a gas powered chainsaw for your heavy-duty work, you should remember that even though it requires more maintenance and some fuel, it is the best possible option for heavy-duty work. If you use it correctly, this tool will be really efficient for pruning, felling, and cutting trees.

Here are some features you should consider when selecting for a gas-powered chainsaw for yourself

1. Weight

Even though large chainsaws can have a lot of power for heavy-duty work, they can be really heavy as well. Always pick a chainsaw which is light enough for you to use it properly, in a vertical angle or for sideways cuts when you are trimming branches and angled logs. Just realistically think how much weight you are able to handle.

2. Bar length

The bar length of a chainsaw specifies the maximum diameter of the log that it can effectively and safely cut. Choose a bar around two inches longer than the thing you will be cutting. Don’t just think that the longer the bar will be, the better it will be. If the extra length is not needed, you won’t be able to use it efficiently.

3. Use

Think about your usage. If you need it for pruning, smaller and lighter-duty chainsaws will be perfect and as they are easily usable and lightweight, they are safer than the large ones. Medium-duty chainsaws are a bit more versatile and can handle residential tasks. The heavy-duty ones are fine for smaller tasks but are the best for felling and processing the large lops.

4. Maintenance

Gas chainsaws need to be maintained regularly and some adjustments to keep the chains in the perfect position. So, we will recommend looking for gas chainsaws with features that make the usage easier, such as tool-free chain adjustments knobs or an automated chain oiler.

5. Cost

Gas-powered chainsaws have a wide range of prices. They cost from around $150 to more than $3500. Just decide your budget and find the most suitable chainsaw according to your requirements.

6. Safety

Gas chainsaws are dangerous and can easily kill or injure users in just a few seconds. We strongly recommend having an experienced user by your side while you work or just ask them to give you proper safety guidelines on how to safely start and use a gas chainsaw. Also, never use a chainsaw without personal protective equipment, including face, eye, and hearing protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Is A Gas Powered Chainsaw?

Ans: A gas-powered chainsaw is a chainsaw like any other chainsaw but it needs petrol to use it instead of electrical power or compressed air just like some other types. This chainsaw can cut through the wood like all the other ones do even though the power input of a gas-powered chainsaw might be a little lower than others.

Q. How long can I leave gas in a chainsaw?

Ans: You can leave gas in your chainsaw for more than 3-4 months. If you want to always have fresh fuel with you, you can buy premixed gas from your favorite brands in sealed cans of a liter or more at a time. It stays fresh for a long time.

Q. Do You Experience Unexpected Gas Smell Or Hearing The Engine Running When You Have Turned It Off?

Ans: This is a common issue with petrol engine chainsaws and there are several causes to it. But, the most potential issue is that the gas has gone inside the oil compartment or the bearings of the machine. What you should do if this happens is change the oil every time you use your chainsaw.

4. Conclusion

Even though gas chainsaws are louder than electric chainsaws, you can expect the gas ones to perform better. Therefore they score well with experienced lumberjacks and there is a great variety ready to be used. To make things easier, we have listed some of the useful ones in this article with their differences and similarities as well as an in-depth buying guide.

Make sure to leave your questions and enlighten us with your comments if you have any!

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