best laser engraver for small business

10 Best Laser Cutters for Small Business 【Reviewed 2023】

best laser engraver for small business

 Laser Engraving businesses make insane profits. 

 In fact, it has one of the easiest business models with the least amount of effort required. 

Or maybe you’re looking to add a modification to your existing engraving business? Why not go in for a professional-grade laser cutter or engraving machine with minimum cash spent? Technology has now come to a point where laser cutters are bought by individuals every day at a reasonable cost.

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If you’re already running a successful business, you can upgrade your options and take your work to the next level. But if you are a beginner who just started out, you might be unaware of the important features of laser cutting, and not know what to look for in a laser cutter for small businesses.

 Don’t Worry! 

This is where we come in for your help with a number of great options for you. As laser cutters are not focused to work on a single type of material but they are vastly used for different types of materials as well as businesses. We have a list of the top ten laser cutters for small businesses.

You can also have an idea about what factors to consider before buying the product by reviewing the buying guide at the bottom of the article. You need not worry about how to start a laser engraving business at home. Check out a few of the aspects you need to analyze before buying. If you want a greater in-depth analysis, check out the  buying guide at the article’s end.

 Let’s Dive In! 


In the laser cutting business, you frequently work with almost every type of material, from hard metal to soft materials. As a beginner, you might not know what is ideal for your new business. Here are a few tips for you. Check the buying guide for detailed information. You need not worry about how to start a laser engraving business.

  1. Price and size: As a small business, make sure you select the product that fits your budget and doesn’t create a burden on you. Plus, choose the size of the cutter according to your working space.
  2. Material: Some lasers work great on hard materials, whereas some on soft materials. So it would help if you considered the products that you want to engrave or cut before buying a product.
  3. Connection possibilities: To work easier, you should look if the cutter machine gives the option to connect to your computer through USB or Bluetooth.
  4. Your Budget: If you are launching a new venture, it is natural that you have a limited budget, and occasionally, a full-fledged laser cutting machine might seem out of budget. You need to look out for commercial laser engraver or cutting machines that are low in price and suits your budget well.
  5. Source of laser: There are different kinds of laser sources present in the market. From solid-state, CO2, plasma to fiber laser. All these are used for distinct purposes, and your nature of work will help you to decide what laser source would fit best for your business.
  6. Size: How much capacity do you have to work with? Are you looking for an appliance that fits your working table, or do you want a machine that is the size of your table? Go for a machine that fits in your available space. Ensure to look into the product’s specs to get a better idea of the size, as the pictures might not be obvious.

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Best Laser Cutter for Small Business 2023:

Here is the list of our picks for the top laser engraver for small businesses below:

Laser CutterWoody RatingToday's Price
[Editor’s Choice]
Check Price
Check Price
OMTech 80W8/10
Check Price
4. SNAP MAKER 3D8/10
Check Price
Check Price
6. SINDOH - 3D1AQ 7/10
Check Price
7. BIBO 3D7/10
Check Price
8. DREMEL LC40-037/10
Check Price
9. BEAMO 30W6.7/10
Check Price
10. OMTECH 60W6.7/10
Check Price

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TEN-HIGH Laser Engraving Cutting Machine 60W Laser Cutter 4060 400x600mm 15.7x23.6 inches with Small Desktop, Offline Version

Why do we love it

  • The ten-high is our selected item because it is an excellent laser engraver with great technical support.
  • The machine could be set up pretty quickly without any problems.
  • The product comes with a long-lasting warranty hence is reliable and durable.
  • The machine generates high-quality finishing in every material.
  • It comes in a portable and well-built design.

Contains water and air pump for coolingNeeds a bit practice
Excellent build quality
Fast & efficient engraving
Delivered in good packaging
Great value for money
Largest work area in this price range
Good customer support
Easy to claim warranty


Glowforge Plus 3D Laser Printer

Why do we love it

  • We love the model because experts from major technology companies created it.
  • Leather and wood materials can be used to create different items such as wallets, furniture, or frames.
  • Easy to use at home but also good enough for professional use
  • Incredible 3D engraved items can be printed with Glowforge
  • It uses the light beam that is the width of a human hair hence works precisely

Ideal for metals
Doesn't operate offline
Aesthetic look
Work continuously for hours
User Friendly
Comes with warranty
High Quality build


OMTech 80W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

Why do we love it

  • We love it because the product provides a larger cutting surface area for items.
  • Has a great engraving speed that saves a lot of your time.
  • Provides a modifiable resolution that can be adjusted up to 4500 dpi.
  • It is designed for use on different materials regardless of their size and shape.
  • The machine is compatible with multiple software, either a computer or a USB device.

Accommodates various materials
Seamless operation
Upgraded safety features
Ideal for home & business
Built-in air pump
Strong build

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Snapmaker 3D Printer

Why do we love it

  • Has a strong and expandable modular system.
  • The machine allows power loss recovery so you can resume your work after a power mishap.
  • Has an auto-leveling system as its equipped with a proximity sensor.
  • The product provides a larger workspace for its users.
  • Features a 3 in 1 software.

Well designed software and hardware
Tricky to set up
Great assembly instructions
Excellent quality
Auto leveling feature

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Why do we love it

  • We love the product because of its amazing technical parameters.
  • The machine allows a deep engraving on metals.
  • It is applicable to different types of materials.
  • The machine is built of high quality.
  • The machine works wonders at lasts for a longer period of time.

Great packaging
Doesn’t engrave wood
Easy to operate
Works longer consistently
2-year warranty

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6. SINDOH – 3D1AQ – 3DWOX 1 3D Printer

Sindoh – 3D1AQ – 3DWOX 1 3D Printer

Why do we love it

  • We love the Sindoh 3D printer because of its amazing features and design.
  • The machine comes with a Hepa filter making it more precise.
  • You can do completely automated loading, which is very easy.
  • Most importantly, the machine does not create disturbing sounds so that you can enjoy the silence.
  • It makes 3D printing simpler and provides incredible user-friendly qualities.

Generates output quickly
Poor Customer support
Professional level manufacturing
Highly reliable
Self-cleaning nozzle
Auto bed leveling


Bibo 3D Printer

Why do we love it

  • The BIBO 3D is one of the most featured printers as it includes preinstalled Wifi module.
  • The package comes with an acrylic cover kit.
  • The machine has a sturdy frame making it more durable.
  • The machine has a complete color touch screen making it fun to use.
  • It allows dual printing at the same time.

Great durability
Poor Packaging
Great technical support
Nice print quality


Dremel LC40-03 40W CO2 Laser Digilab Laser Engraver & Cutter

Why do we love it

  • The built to last Dremel laser cutter is worth loving due to its excellent quality and reliability.
  • Works on advanced technology, yet it’s simple to use, and the box includes every necessary item.
  • The machine is safer as it’s built with smart detectors that monitor the laser continuously with real-time diagnosis.
  • The machine works for a long time without getting heated through the projects due to the creative Hex box that keeps the laser cool throughout the process.
  • The 7 inches Led screen is touchable, which does not require opening software on your computer.

Beginner FriendlyBad customer support
Compatible with windows and mac
High-quality output
Easy to use touch screen


Beamo 30W Desktop Laser Cutter

Why do we love it

  • Comes with a really powerful laser.
  • The excellent design works great for cutting-edge technology.
  • It has industrial-level features that allow you to create amazing designs.
  • Allows engraving and cutting a large variety of materials.
  • Comes with a colorful and appealing LCD touch screen.

Engraves detailed patterns
Bad Packaging
Lightweight and portable
Ensured safety measures
Smaller footprints
Powerful laser

10. OMTECH 60W CO2

OMTech 60W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter

Why do we love it

  • Comes with advanced capabilities and delivers professional-level results.
  • The machine is fitted with a powerful laser tube that is water co-cooled.
  • The motor works precisely and gives good finishing to the materials.
  • It contains a high-quality control board (RUIDA LCD).
  • The machine has a large engraving surface that is up to 28” x 20”.

Height adjustable lift table
No camera
Dual pass-through doors
Long-life guarantee
Larger engraving surface
RUIDA digital control panel

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To save your time, money, and energy, you need to consider adding the top laser cutter to your business tools. Regardless of whether you need a model for your home or business, these cutters provide a polished and precise finish to your material. Boost your performance with a credible tool by selecting one of the most ideal models from our above-mentioned precise list. Pick on the right tool that befits your requirements well.

Buying Guide

We introduced the top ten markets competent laser cutters. But it might still confuse some customers about which product to decide on yet. You need not worry; we are here for your further guidance. Before buying a particular product for your laser cutting business, you might want to look at a few of these guidelines to explore a model better. This comprehensive article will assist you in finding the right product for your engraving business without doing much research. But if you are still confused about selecting a particular model, you need to read the buying guide thoroughly.

This buying guide contains all the answers to your confusion.

What are laser cutters and engravers?

Laser cutters and engraves are nearly the same machine. Most of the laser machines can cut as well as perform engraving tasks on materials. They are simply known as laser cutters and laser engravers, depending on what their primary use is. If the laser is primarily used for cutting, it is said to be a laser cutter, whereas the laser that engraves is known as a laser engraver machine.

How do laser cutter and engraving machines work?

Here is everything you need to know about the working of a laser engraver:

Working of a laser cutter

It is a thermal rift operation. During the procedure, selected geometries are transited and cut by the laser beam. The laser cutting process is used for cutting shapes, either alphabets, letters, or signs.

Working of a laser engraver

During the laser engraving procedure, the laser refines a shape, a picture, or a graphic on a broad extent of materials. Shapes can be engraved using this procedure, including images, logos, stamps, lettering, etc.

Factors to consider before buying a laser cutter machine

The future of a business depends on the manufacturing appliance, and that makes the decision-making process complicated. On that note, we are going to present rounds of insights over the facets which should be kept in mind before buying a commercial laser cutter or a commercial laser engraver for your business.


Above all, the most considerable factor is what kind of work will be embarked by a laser cutting appliance. This relies upon the nature of your work and your business. Would it be constrained to the metal sheet cutting or cutting the components actively? Once the nature of your work is adamant, we can pick a machine at that step, as there will be an obvious insight into the requirements. This factor enables the buyer to select a suitable fit for their business.


A second important factor that plays a significant part in buying decision of a commercial laser cutter machine is the load that the device is going to put up with. What amount of work will be received from the machine is the information that should always be kept in mind while getting one. A dual palate laser machine is suitable for higher workloads, whereas a single palate would work just fine for a low workload.

Frequently Asked Questions

laser cutter FAQs

Q:  What is the best laser cutter to buy?

According to our standard of precision and ease to access, the best laser cutters for small businesses are affordable and reliable ones.

  • OMTech Laser Engraver And Cutter
  • Dremel Laser Engraver
  • Glowforge Plus Laser Printer

Q:  How much does a laser cutter cost?

Ans: You can spend anywhere from $5000 to $14000 on some laser-cutting models. The prices vary from one another depending on the model you choose. This article is written after thorough research so you get everything you need to know before making your purchase decision.

Q: Are laser cutters and engravers the same things?

Ans: They are basically the same but are named on the basis of their main use. These terms are usually used interchangeably.

Q: How to make money with a laser cutter?

Ans: You can start making money through a laser cutter by getting an expert in this skill and hence offering your services. You can sale the materials you create through laser cutting or get orders and do some customized cutting.

Q: What should I look for before purchasing a laser cutting machine?

Ans: You need to consider these few vital factors;

  • Your budget
  • Machine size
  • Generation capacity

Q: How does a laser cutting machine operate?

Ans: Laser cutting is a thermal procedure in which a selected laser beam is used to melt the material in a confined area. It gives a smooth cut and gives a fine quality finish to the material.

Q: Are laser cutters harmful to use?

Ans: Yes, it might be hazardous if not used carefully. It has high-power laser beams that can harm your eyes or skin. It contains cutters that might hurt you. Ensure to use the appliance with great care.

Q: What are the different types of laser cutting?

Ans: The laser cutters are available in various types, allowing distinct forms of cutting. The basic types include crystal lasers, CO2, and fiber lasers.

Q: How does a laser engraver work?

Ans: It is a vaporization process that includes the vaporization of materials into vapors to inscribe eternal and deep dents.

Q: Can a laser cutter be used for engraving?

Ans: Not every laser cutter, but you can use CO2 laser cutters as they are capable of cutting as well as engraving different non-metallic materials.

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